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April 30, 2020

Student completing home learning activities on the computer


It can be challenging to keep your child’s brain engaged whilst at home!

We are here to provide you with fun and easy home learning activities to sneak learning into your child’s time at home.

Whilst teaching your child at home may seem challenging. There are many easy and accessible ways of making learning fun whilst being at home.

Charlotte Gater, Head of Curriculum at Explore Learning, states:

“It’s very important for parents to actively encourage their children to keep learning. This is to avoid any negative impact on their return to school. However, it doesn’t need to lead to arguments as learning can be fun!

Therefore, a few fun and effective ways to teach can be through games, technology and extra tuition. All of which combine to keep their educational engagement ticking along over the break.”

How to make learning at home fun

Why not try one of these fun and easy ways to sneak learning into your time at home?

  • Cook together. If you have any budding chefs or bakers in your house, why not get out a favourite recipe for some treats and spend an afternoon weighing, measuring and timing your bakes?
  • Enjoy a lazy afternoon. Watching films can be a chance to develop important skills. You could encourage your child to practise their comprehension skills and challenge their imagination by discussing alternative endings, why the film was made, the motives of main characters etc.
  • Discover audio books. Audiobooks are a great tool to make reluctant readers gain confidence in comprehending stories whilst developing their memory, concentration and imagination.
    Top Tip: You could give your child a notebook to write down any questions they may have as you listen along.

Free home learning activities

We have a range of fun and educational activities that your child can complete at home, to keep them engage with their learning – visit ‘The Club’ for more!

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