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October 30, 2020

Explore Learning tutor and parent laughing

Throughout the lockdown period, many other tuition providers popped up with a promise to make a change. As did we, other businesses also were given the task of altering their tuition options.

Options of pay-as-you-go one-off tuition came to light, alongside short bursts of intensive tuition courses. Sounds great in a nutshell, but is it effective? We know from 18 years of experience that mastering skills and developing confidence doesn’t happen overnight. 

As schools reopened their doors, many parents faced the dilemma of what to do next. Knowing how much time had been lost to lockdown in terms of their child learning, intensive tuition courses could understandably seem perfect. As could ad hoc pay-as-you-go one-off tuition, for those families attempting to readjust to busy lifestyles.

As we’re currently living in an uncertain time, and what with perhaps a feeling of unease when it comes to commitment at hand, the flexibility of these pay-as-you-go one-off tuition services can seem appealing. But you just have to think, is that the type of flexibility you’re yearning for? Explore believes in routine, putting plans in place to achieve success and a strategy that’s achievable. We believe in being better and feel there is no shortcut to success. 

We believe your child’s goals deserve more undivided attention. 

We’re here to re-define flexibility to the type that you actually need. No, we don’t offer a pay-as-you-go service. Yet, yes we still offer flexible memberships that work. We mean it when we say flexible. 

We know it’s an uncertain time and we want you to commit to the idea of your child succeeding – not a fixed contract. Instead, a monthly rolling membership that gives you exactly what you need, with the flexibility to change or stop when your circumstances change. More benefits of this monthly membership include providing you with a routine and giving you the opportunity to build a strong everlasting relationship with your tutor. Together, we can get you there. 

We’re in this for the long run. 

Why do we offer memberships instead of pay-as-you-go one-off tuition? We know that learning is most effective when we keep at it. The brain is a muscle, if you were training for a marathon would you intermittently train? You could, but it certainly would take you longer to achieve your goals!

Likewise, as maths expert Bobby Seagull recently told us in his blog, nobody is born an expert pianist; in the same way that nobody is born good at maths. Both subjects take practice, time and more than anything a love of learning and a passionate teacher to help motivate you when it becomes challenging.

They say practice makes perfect.

Let’s underpin why this is. It all comes down to retention. Frequently practising ensures your child remembers their learning, enabling them to pick up from where they’ve left off at a greater speed. Success is through patience and consistent hard work as opposed to acting quickly and carelessly. 

This is where we feel we’ve nailed the solution to the dilemma of supporting your child within your busy lifestyle. What would you say if we told you that we could offer you flexibility, a chance to let your child learn in an environment they feel most comfortable in…and still accomplish everything they’ve dreamt of? Surely you’d choose us.  

Ps. Got more burning questions? Or ready to make the move? Wise choice! Find the flexible tuition membership that will get you there.  

Unlike other tuition providers, we’re more than just a lesson with a tutor. Our flexible memberships are designed to make sure learning doesn’t finish at the end of your lessons and your child can continue to make progress independently too.

We want to provide your child with access to their learning at every possible moment, encouraging their zest for learning always. Your child has access to their learning programme 24 hours a day so they can practice to their heart’s content!


What do you get with an Explore Learning Membership? 


  • Opportunity to build incredible ongoing relationships with tutors 
  • Constant parent feedback
  • Awareness of your child’s progress at every step
  • Unlimited access to industry-leading learning tools 
  • Tailored programmes catered to your child’s needs 
  • Learning resources created by our in house experts 
  • Education experts to support consistent learning
  • Ongoing support throughout school holidays
  • Extensive workshops, live lessons and a wide range of activities 
  • A range of membership types so you can choose how you want your lessons to be delivered – online tuition, at home or both!

Why should you trust our techniques? Because we’re trusted by parents and recommended by teachers for a reason.

Ready to come and join the fearless family who gives more?

Book your free trial today

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