Meet the stars of our Top Talent scheme 2024/2025

Celebrate excellence with us as we introduce the stars of Explore Learning's Top Talent scheme!

At Explore Learning, we believe in nurturing and celebrating our amazing people. Our Top Talent Scheme is designed to recognise and develop high-performing individuals who embody the spirit of leadership, dedication, and excellence.

Every year, we handpick a cohort of exceptional individuals who shine through their leadership prowess, unwavering commitment to making a positive impact, and all of their qualities that make them inspiring role models. These are the people who not only excel in their roles, but also uplift and inspire those around them.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to the 2024/2025 Top Talent cohort. Each of them have demonstrated remarkable strengths and qualities that we think deserve to be celebrated!

Let's take a closer look at what makes them exceptional:

Amy Shane

Meet Amy

Hi, my name is Amy and I have been with Explore Learning for the past 5 years in both physical and online centres. I am super excited to be joining the Top Talent Scheme, I am really looking forward to having the opportunity to further develop myself as a leader, and to be able to multiply these skills both inside and outside of Explore at Home whilst building new connections.

Why was she chosen?

Amy is a strong leader who is invested in supporting and nurturing the skills and mindsets of her team. Her passion for customer service has created a culture of excellence within her centre, honing a simple and effective approach that prioritises the interests of her members. Amy is also extremely resilient and invests in her own development to become better every day.

Benjy Smokler

Meet Benjy

Hi everyone! My name is Benjy and I’m the Centre Manager of our Barnet centre. My journey with Explore started in 2016 as a tutor, and I’ve since worked across 3 different locations as an Centre Supervisor and Centre Manager. I’m excited to work closely with my mentor on the Top Talent scheme, as I have lots of goals for the next year and I’m hoping they can support my development towards these. I’m also looking forward to working with other high performing managers in the company to enhance my skills

Why was he chosen?

Benjy embodies our values at Explore Learning and he is so passionate about his work and his impact on the families at his centre. He is determined to get it right for every member of his team and family that he interacts with, and his passion for people shines through in everything that he does. Within Explore, he stands out for his self-driven and proactive attitude, taking every opportunity to inspire others.

Brooke Miles

Meet Brooke

Hi, I’m Brooke and I’m the Centre Manager of our Ruislip Centre. I've worked for Explore Learning for 7 years now and I'm so excited for this new venture as part of the Top Talent cohort. Most of all, I’m excited to challenge myself and push myself out of my comfort zone!

Why was she chosen?

Brooke is truly committed to embodying our company values, making high standards and customer service her top priorities. Her leadership shines through in the consistent growth her centre achieves. She is committed to building the reputation of her centre, engaging with the local community and implementing strategies that have been key to sustaining the growth of the Ruislip centre.

Bryony Burton

Meet Bryony

Hello, I’m Bryony, I currently work in the Hawthorn Explore At Home centre but have worked in other physical and online centres. I am so pleased to be joining the Top Talent Scheme! The thing I am most excited about with the Top Talent Scheme, is to have a mentor who will support me to further develop my skillset and mindset as a leader as well as making more connections outside my centre and region.

Why was she chosen?

Bryony prioritises a people-first approach day to day, ensuring her team thrive under her leadership. She harnesses honest relationships with all team members, leading to her successfully supporting their development and creating both fast and meaningful improvements within her team. Her reflective nature, critical thinking skills, and ambition make her a standout leader and self-led learner.

Dave Dalrymple

Meet Dave

Hi I’m Dave and I’m the Centre Manager of our Merton Centre. I'm most excited about the opportunity to work closely with talented individuals who share a passion for education and innovation. Collaborating on meaningful projects and contributing to Explore Learning's mission of empowering fearless learners is something I’m looking forward to being more involved in

Why was he chosen?

Dave has been consistently and deeply committed to maintaining excellent service standards across all centres he’s worked in. Customer experience is central to his approach, driving his decisions and priorities as a leader and showcasing his passion for getting it right for every family. His genuine care and the outstanding relationships with families that he has built have been the key to the success of his centre.

Erin Cosgrave

Meet Erin

Hi, my name’s Erin and I’m currently working in the Explore at Home Pine online centre, but started my Explore Learning journey in the Welwyn centre back in 2019. I am thrilled to be a part of this year’s top talent scheme, and can’t wait to start working with my mentor, developing my leadership skills and being able to connect with so many other wonderful people in the company!

Why was she chosen?

Erin takes a practical approach to her centre’s education delivery and team growth, using meaningful and tailored relationships to help everyone improve. Her transparent style helps her get everyone on the same page, and she's skilled at recognising and building on people's strengths. While supporting her team, she is also consistently focused on honing her own leadership skills and striving to improve her practice every day.

Libby Stanton

Meet Libby

Hello! I'm Libby and I've been the Centre Manager in Cardiff for nearly 2 years. I love my role and seeing the impact our team has on young learners each day. This year, I'm thrilled to be a part of the top talent scheme to connect with other Centre Managers across the business, multiply creativity and create change. It will be lovely to have an additional network of people to learn with!

Why was she chosen?

Libby embodies our values at Explore and is a role model for others within her region. People are at the heart of everything she does, and she is invested in getting it right for every member at her centre. She is also a keen problem solver and has shown that she can meaningfully reflect on centre performance and put in place actions that ensure her centre performs to it’s potential.

Ricardo Lopez

Meet Ricardo

Hi, I’m Ricardo and I’m the Centre Manager of our Romford Centre. I feel incredibly fortunate to be given the opportunity to multiply my skillset, have a wider impact across our business, and step out of my comfort zone with the guidance of my wonderful mentor along the way.

Why was he chosen?

Ricardo is invested in delivering everything Explore stands for. He shows what it means to be an outstanding leader in every aspect, and he understands the importance of sharing that success with others. The engagement and passion he instils in his team is incredible.

Siôn Williams

Meet Siôn

Hello, I'm Siôn and I am the current Centre Manager of the wonderful Woking centre! I started my Explore Learning journey in 2019 as a tutor in Cardiff, receiving a promotion to become Reading's Centre Supervisor in 2022 and again to become Woking's Centre Manager in 2023. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Woking and I am so proud of the impact I have been able to have on the centre! I am absolutely thrilled to have been chosen to be a part of the Top Talent cohort and I am most looking forward to having my own mentor, developing my coaching skills, and multiplying my existing and new-found knowledge to others!

Why was he chosen?

Siôn is known for his open-mindedness, receptiveness, and eagerness to learn. He has also been extremely influential in forming a positive culture within his region. He actively reaches out to his peers, providing support and motivation during tough times, and celebrates successes with unwavering enthusiasm.

Sweta Patel

Meet Sweta

Hi! My name is Sweta and I’m super excited to be part of the Top Talent scheme this year. My journey started with Explore Learning in May 2019, when I began my role as a tutor. As the centre has grown, I have also grown with it and the rest is history! With the scheme, I am super excited to have more opportunities to further develop myself in new ways, so that I can continue to have a meaningful impact on my centre and the wonderful people such as tutors and managers in my region and beyond!

Why was she chosen?

Sweta continually challenges others to reach new heights, inspiring fresh perspectives and approaches. Known for her confidence, bravery, and ability to motivate, Sweta has played a key role in achieving success. Above all, Sweta inspires others and sets a high bar for performance and leadership.

Tom Logan

Meet Tom

I'm Tom, I'm about to celebrate 8 years with Explore at the end of this month! I've worked my way up from a tutor in Ashton, to Centre Supervisor in both Sale and Cheadle Hulme. I'm presently the Centre Manager of Ashton (full circle woo!) having been the Centre Manager of Sale over the past couple of years.

Looking at past members of the scheme fills me with excitement. As a Centre Manager, I was beginning to feel like I'd hit something of a ceiling but seeing so many familiar names and faces goes to show there isn't just an attic: there are a couple more floors up there! I'm so keen to get started with my mentor who I've heard wonderful things about already. I'm confident they'll further hone my skills as a manager and as a person to continue to grow in the role and beyond.

Why was he chosen?

Tom's dedication to each child's success is unparalleled. His exceptional relationships allow him to adapt his approach and communication to what each family needs. As a strong leader and constant cheerleader, he plays a vital role in fostering a culture of sharing and support within his region.

Top Talent at Explore Learning

We’re incredibly fortunate to have such superstars in our ranks to act as role models and inspire the next generation of Top Talent! We want to say a massive thank you to our Top Talent Cohort for being part of this journey with us, and here's to the incredible accomplishments that lie ahead!

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