Reward and Recognition Scheme: Improving your child’s progress

September 27, 2018

After thorough testing, we are excited to start implementing a brand new reward and recognition scheme to motivate your child!

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For over a year we have been running focus groups with children, parents and staff and testing different reward systems in centres to find the best possible reward and recognition scheme for our members. We looked at research from many notable educators and education researchers including John Hattie, Guy Claxton, James Nottingham, Carol Dweck, Angela Duckworth, the Sutton Trust and the Education Endowment Fund. Combining all these elements together helped us to create a motivational and impactful system that works for our members.

We tested different reward and recognition systems in 18 centres to find the best possible scheme for your child and we are very excited that we are now able to start implementing it across all our centres so all our members can benefit!

Our ultimate Reward and Recognition Scheme

We are keeping certificates and lizard cards, but we’re tweaking what they are awarded for – certificates will be awarded for academic progress and lizard cards will be earned based on your child’s attitude towards their learning.


Your child will receive up to four lizard cards each session based on their behaviour and attitude towards learning. Feedback has been shown to have one of the biggest impacts on a child’s learning, so praising them for the process they are following and their approach towards learning is vital. We’d like to introduce you to our FEARLESS FOUR learning values. Children will earn a Lizard Card for demonstrating each of the values below:

Fearless four banner

Next time you are in the centre you will see your child awarded Lizard Cards based on these four values. Unsure of what sort of thing your child needs to demonstrate for any of the values? Ask a manager when you are next in the centre!


These will be based on your child’s academic progress. They will receive a certificate based on the combined number of areas they have mastered in maths and English. When we talk about mastery, we mean being able to consistently apply their knowledge by getting multiple questions right in a row on the same topic. There are different clubs that your child can reach based on the numbers of areas mastered, each time they get to these levels they will get a certificate. The clubs are…. 10, 30, 50, 100, 200, 300 and 500!

Explore Learning certificates


We will review which club your child is in during each of your feedback meetings. If your child has reached a new club then they will receive a new certificate. We can either give it to your child in the centre or if your feedback meeting is during the day then you can take it home to present the certificate to them and say a massive well done for their progress!

We’re positive that these new changes will improve your child’s progress and keep them motivated each and every session! If you have any questions about our new Reward and Recognition Scheme, please get in touch with your centre team.


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