Make the most of Navigator – your Members’ portal

March 12, 2021

Discover how to best use our brand-new interactive Members’ portal and get the answers to any questions you may have!

Navigator is currently live for all of our online centres, however, it will be rolling out company wide very soon!

Navigator has been designed for the whole family to make the most of their membership. We understand how every family is different and so we know that every family’s use of Navigator will vary too.


Where should I start?

The first step is getting logged in using your personal account details. You’ll then be asked to select who is using Navigator that day. The content displayed on Navigator is tailored to either you or your child in its quest to support the whole family. We recommend spending some time exploring both sides so that you know everything that’s available to your family!

Parent View

We are committed to keeping you up to date with your child’s achievements and goals.

  • Access live progress reports through the parent view of Navigator.
  • Receive an overview of your child’s sessions.
  • View your general account details.
  • Read our latest blogs and articles, which are there to support you as a parent or guardian in your child’s education.

Learner View

This is where your child can access Compass – their personalised learning tool.

  • See the time of their next session and their tutor’s name.
  • Review their total Fearless Learning Points! These are awarded each session and will be used to award your child with a prize for their achievements.
  • The aim of the Learner View is to boost your child’s progress and inspire their love for learning; through activities, virtual lessons, seasonal competitions, and events which will also be displayed here.

There’s always something to look forward to with Explore!


How do I know which extra learning resources to choose?

You may want your child to do some extra work, but with so many activities and videos, where do you start? Don’t worry, you’re not expected to do them all! To get you started, consider the top tips below: 

  • Filter the activities and virtual lessons into a subject and age group.
  • Ask your tutor at the end of your session which activity or video will be most useful.
  • Use the progress report section to find out which areas your child is ‘Learning Now’ – these could be new topics or areas of the curriculum they find more challenging.
  • Look at your last parent’s meeting report.
  • Ask your centre team for any help or advice!




How often can I expect the content to be updated?

Navigator is here to bring everything to you at your fingertips, so the content will be regularly updated for us to tell you about what events are on. There will always be new content around the time of the school holidays, as well as monthly updates with new activities, seasonal competitions, and parent support via our educational advice blogs.


What progress updates can I expect?

Your progress report is live; meaning that it will be updated every time your child has completed a session on Compass. We will look forward to delving into your child’s progress in even more detail in your Parent’s Meetings. Please get in touch with your team if you don’t have a Parent’s Meeting booked in.



How can I get my child excited by Navigator?

We know it can be challenging to encourage children to do extra work outside of their tutored sessions. If that’s true of your child, then here are a few ideas that will help inspire them to get involved. 

  • Encourage them to join Compass through Navigator – that way they will see their total number of Fearless Learning Points every time before a session.
  • Take part in a live lesson – the engaging activities we organise for the school holidays include cross-curricular subjects, and are designed for your child to learn without even realising! 
  • Explore the progress report with them. It’s proven that children learn more when they understand the progress they’re making. Celebrate their skills mastered, and look at examples of their work together. 
  • If they complete any of the activities or lessons, encourage them to shout out to their tutor about it! We will be sure to celebrate it with them.

Let us know what you think! If you have any feedback on Navigator, we would love to hear it. Click here.

Make the most of your membership with Navigator.

Find out how it works 


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