New rewards coming soon!

Unveiling our new Reward and Recognition strategy for our members

We all know how important motivation is when it comes to learning. At Explore Learning we are proud to have found the very best form of motivation - our brilliant tutors! Their words of encouragement, stickers and high-fives go a long way to keeping your child engaged. 

We have combined the magic of our tutors with fearless reward points leading to physical prizes and vouchers for some time. In 2024, we’re changing things and embracing a more personalised approach to rewarding your child.

Why are things changing?

In recent years we’ve changed the way your children can learn with us and it’s important that we find a way to reward their efforts consistently. Our new reward system will celebrate your child’s learning whether they are in a centre, working online with a tutor or studying independently at home. 

Many parents and children have let us know that they’re trying to minimise how much ‘stuff’ they accumulate at home and we agree! Our current prize system isn’t very eco-friendly so we are investing in more instant, personalised rewards within the Compass platform instead.

What is happening?

Early in 2024, we will introduce a brand-new digital reward system, moving away from physical prizes and vouchers. 

Members told us that they would love more control over how their character looks, so children will be able to spend their fearless learning points on items to make their own unique character.

A new way to earn fearless learning points

We've considered the latest educational research to refine our rewards. The Education Endowment Foundation suggests that strategies that get children to think about their learning can equate to 7+ months of progress. So, we want to instil this practice in our members.

Members will continue to earn Fearless Learning Points, but now for three different reasons:

a self-review screen where a child can rank how they feel about their most recently completed session

A child-centred approach

Members will receive a summary of the points they earn at the end of a session.

These points can then be saved up for items to customise their character!

A character selection screen where a user can choose between a selection of animal masks for their character.

A character as unique as they are...

We want to give children more control over how their character looks. If they want a character that looks more like them they’ll be able to do that with free unlocked features. They’ll then be able to spend points on additional items to make their own unique character.

Our ultimate goal is to build intrinsic motivation in your child and whilst they will have the chance to earn points for a digital reward, it is not the only or even the main way we will motivate your child. We will continue to combine our incredible people with our smart learning tool to provide the right questions at the right time for your child supporting your child to unlock the joy of learning!

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