Online home tuition vs tuition centre: Which is better?

July 13, 2021



Today, there are lots of ways your child can receive tutoring and learning support. But which is best? We compare online tuition vs in-person tuition centres to help you make that all-important decision.

Let’s get started…

Explore tutors helping children at the tuition centre

Online home tuition vs tuition centre

Tutoring sessions can take many forms:

  • At home with an online tutor
  • At home with a home tutor (in-person)
  • At a tuition centre (in-person)

Home tuition (in-person or digital) can be more convenient for some, as you don’t need to go anywhere for sessions. Children can learn with a tutor from the comfort of their own home, saving you time ferrying them backwards and forwards.

However, if you don’t have a quiet space at home for this to take place, home tuition may be more difficult.

It also comes down to whether your child works best independently or in a group. While individual tutoring is more focused and will be completely tailored to your child’s needs and abilities, it does not offer the same benefits of group tuition in terms of communication and social skills.

Is online or offline tuition better?

Let’s compare the two…

Face to face tuition vs online learning – the differences

So, what are the main differences between the online lessons and in-person tuition?

  • Resourcesonline tutoring resources tend to all be digital, while in-person tuition may use books, worksheets and other supplies. Online tuition requires a laptop or tablet.
  • Locationonline tuition always takes place at home (or in the library or at a friend’s house!) while in-person tuition can take place at a tuition centre.
  • Cost – the cost of sessions or tuition rate can vary slightly between online and in-person tuition


Child during an online tuition session


Online vs in-person tuition – the similarities

While there are some differences between face to face and online tuition, at the heart of things, they are much the same. Quality tuition (in person or online) should be;

  • Bespoke and adaptive for student’s individual needs
  • Engaging
  • Aligned with the national curriculum
  • Safe
  • Accessible
  • Successful in advancing learning goals
  • Led by expert tutors


The benefits of in-person centre tuition

It’s time to explore some of the benefits of face to face tutoring in a tuition centre…

Building a positive tutor-student relationship

While online learning comes with a whole host of benefits, it’s never quite the same feeling as meeting face to face. In-person tuition allows tutors and students to build positive and often long-lasting connections.

Explore tutors are brilliant at striking the balance between coach and cheerleader. Creating memorable learning moments and developing learning habits that will support your child throughout their life.

Social skills

One of the things that children have most missed out on during the pandemic is peer interactions. Building social skills is important for your child’s development and in-Centre, small group tuition sessions provide a fantastic way to connect and make friends.

In our group sessions, children benefit from the attention of a dedicated tutor with a small group of their peers. This allows for sharing, collaborative projects and more rich learning experiences!

Learning through play

Group learning also has an element of fun – children can work on a project or performance together and develop new skills through play.

Working together

Small group tuition encourages children to work together and build essential life skills. Being in a group of their peers who may be from different backgrounds and with different views will teach them how to navigate relationships and differences in opinions.

A specially designed learning environment

Family homes can often be chaotic, and if you don’t have a quiet space for tutoring to take place, a reputable tuition centre is a perfect alternative.

Explore Learning tuition centres are designed with learning in mind. From the layout to the colours, each aspect has been created to optimise learning.

The tables, chairs and stationery are designed for children to use and there are colourful posters and resources to kick-start creativity.

Strength in numbers

For some children, working in a group gives them more confidence to share their answers and participate in learning.

Peace of mind for parents

Another benefit for parents is that you can drop them off and feel safe in the knowledge they are making the most out of their tutoring session. Get some chores done, have some you time, and pick them up once the learning has been achieved!

At Explore Learning tuition centres, children are guided by expert tutors who have gone through all the relevant safety checks.


The benefits of online tuition

Now let’s take a look at some of the advantages you get with tuition online…


If ferrying them to and from their tuition centre is difficult to fit into your busy schedule, online classes can be a welcome relief! With an online tutor, you can cut out commuting time and your child can continue their learning from the comfort of home.


Make tuition work for you. Online education can fit around your family’s schedule. This is particularly helpful if your child has lots of extra-curriculum activities to fit in after school.

Comfort & security

Not all children thrive in a lively classroom environment. For some, learning from home comes with fewer distractions, allowing them to fully focus and enjoy their learning experience.

Being in a familiar environment where they can fully be themselves can boost their confidence and help them achieve their goals.

Find tips for helping children with school anxieties here.

Lower costs

The costs of online tutoring can be cheaper than in-person tutoring. That’s because you’re not paying for all the upkeep and costs that come with keeping a centre running.

Our online tuition starts at just £99 a month.

Technology skills

Online students benefit from becoming tech whizzes! A vital life skill for the modern world.

We use industry-leading technology to provide a smooth, safe and effective learning experience that is bespoke for your child. Tutoring takes place using video calls and screen sharing – all good practice for the future world of work.

Online resources 24/7

Online learning resources mean that your child can practice in their own time, whenever works for them. This is especially helpful if your child works at a faster or slower pace than their peers in the classroom.

Covid safe

In today’s world, our health is more important than ever. One benefit of online tuition is that it can be done safely from home. Whether you’re self-isolating or worried about taking extra risks – online tuition provides a great alternative to in-person learning.

Our tuition is provided through our own secure platform, providing an engaging child-friendly environment.

Easy to use

Most children are now used to completing some online school work due to distanced learning during the pandemic. We’ve made our online maths and English tuition super easy to use for children and parents alike. All you need is a laptop or tablet for learning without limits.


The verdict – Which is best?

The best option for you and your family depends entirely on your lifestyle and your child’s learning needs and preferences. Both options can help to deliver their academic and personal goals. It just depends on how best they learn and what fits into your everyday life.

If your child is anxious or easily distracted – they may benefit from learning in the comfort of home. Or, if your family has a busy schedule – online classes may be more convenient.

On the other hand, children who thrive in the company of their peers or who love the bustle of the classroom may get more out of in-centre sessions. Likewise, if you want to minimise their screen time, and promote more human contact time in-person tutoring could be a better option.

Whatever you choose, we’re here to help.


Get the best of both worlds!

Can’t decide between the two? The good news is, our flexible tuition memberships allow you to reap the benefits of both in-centre and online tuition.

Find out how it works and book a free tuition trial to get started.

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