Reward and recognition using Fearless Four

April 30, 2020

Reward and recognition in the Explore Learning classroom

Over the last 10 years, educational research shows that praising the thinking process is academically more effective than praising a correct answer.

For children, this means celebrating how they work towards the answer, rather than only when they get something right – at Explore, this is exactly what our tutors do.

Throughout a child’s tuition session, you’ll hear a tutor ask “show me how you got to that answer” or “Take me through your working process”. These are some of the key foundations of the ‘Fearless FOUR’ recognition platform to make those thinking and learning processes clear, achievable and engaging for your child.

For the tutor, it’s a brilliant way to ensure that our members build mastery and an ability to apply learning methods in lots of different ways. Our goal? To build life-long learners who are hungry for knowledge.

During an Explore Learning session, our tutors will give reward and recognition using Fearless Four. This means your child will be recognised and rewarded by achieving the following four things:

Has your child excelled or worked hard on something which is a unique focus for them?

  • Overcome Challenges

Did your child show resilience when facing a tricky aspect of their learning?

  • Understand and Convince

Did your child demonstrate that they know the method and process of the task?

  • Respect

Was your child able to demonstrate an ability to work with their tutor successfully, and alongside others well too?


You’ll notice that all of these values can be used in any situation. Whether at sports practice, helping a relative, or while doing their own homework. This is where you come in as a parent. You can continue to use Fearless FOUR from home to help them succeed in any scenario while nurturing a thorough and structured learning pathway for their development.

In your next session, look out for how your child’s tutor delivers their feedback. Celebrating the reasoning, the strategy, and the journey they took to get to the final answer.

Watch as your child sees the long term benefit of good learning habits every day, and be proud of what they have achieved so far.

Not a member? Book a free trial session today and find out how we can support your child’s education journey.

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