SEN: We’re in this together

September 25, 2019

The right tuition can not only help children with a suspected or diagnosed special educational need to excel but offer support for the whole family. Charlotte Gater, the Head of Curriculum at Explore Learning, explains how…

Children learning in an Explore Learning classroom
At Explore Learning we treat every child as an individual. Everyone comes with their own strengths, talents, motivations and challenges. Families seek out tuition for many different reasons, from boosting their child’s socialising and communication skills to making academic progress. It’s important that we work with each family to harness what makes their child tick, help them thrive and achieve beyond what they thought possible.

A tailored approach is the key to success for every child and this becomes even more apparent when working with children with special educational needs.

We have strategies to help support children in many aspects of learning, including:

  • Concentration
  • Academic progress and retention
  • Social interactions and confidence
  • Audio and visual processing
  • Coordination and motor skills
  • Phonological processing and spelling
  • Organisation and sequencing
  • Attitude towards learning

Over 4,000 children who attend Explore Learning have been diagnosed with a special educational need or are currently being assessed. Here is how we work with these families to let them know we’re all in this together:


Every family’s experiences are different and parents are experts in their child’s needs. So, we listen carefully to each family right from the start. We find out if there are any techniques that already work that we can build on; anything that is in place at home or school that we can echo and things to avoid.

Read Nikki’s experience of how this approach has benefited her son Cameron, who was diagnosed with dyslexia.

Work with schools and other agencies

Some parents invite us to meetings with schools and other agencies, so we can all collaborate to get the best outcomes for their child. Consistency across different settings can be imperative, so we want to support this, wherever possible.

Work with charities and specialists

We make sure we research the latest techniques in supporting children with SEND and work closely with other experts to upskill our staff and improve our offering. Tapping into local and national expertise is a great opportunity to share additional avenues for families to take. Knowledge is power!

An example of this is how our Sheffield Hillsborough centre works with Sparkle, an autistic charity. This work led to a nomination for the Sparkle Sheffield Business Awards for Excellence in Autism Awareness and Customer service:

Explore Learning – ‘Explore Learning has had Sparkle Sheffield autism awareness training and they have dedicated a morning in the children’s holidays (half terms, and once a week in the summer holidays) to autistic children by delivering themed English and maths lessons for autistic children.’

Read how this made a big impact on one of our Sheffield Hillsborough members, Sam.

Share expertise

With a network of over 140 centres, we work with many families with a huge range of learning differences. Being able to share knowledge and experiences between colleagues is an incredibly powerful way to support our members. Anne-Marie Ranson, Centre Director in Bracknell, embarked on a Level 3 Accredited Course for Practical Solution for Dyslexia Plus.

She has used this not only to impact the practices with her team of tutors but has trained others across our network. We can all learn so much from our colleagues so harness the power of expertise in your networks to do the same.


One size does not fit all; there is no one solution, pedagogy or setting that will be right for every child. So, we find out what works for best each individual. We’re also very honest and will work with families to see if our setting will meet their needs or if there is an alternative route for them.

Working closely with families to get our offering right pays dividends for children. Get in touch today to start your child’s tailored education journey.


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