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January 28, 2021

online tuition

It can be tricky to find the right online tuition that will support your child to reach their full potential.

Here we explore the benefits of our online tuition and how it can work to support your child to progress academically. 

Is online tuition effective? 

We’re confident that from the benefits of our online tuition, we will help your child – no matter their age – to where they need to be and foster a love of learning along the way.

On average, Explore at Home members master two new skills every half an hour using our online learning tool, during their tutored sessions.

Mastery means a child confidently feeling like ‘Yes I really get this’ and being able to do that same skill again independently. 

A recent poll of 800 parents by Parent Ping found that 50% of parents are looking for virtual lessons and 42% are looking for pre-recorded lessons to help with home schooling.

If that is something you need too, then you can check out our live maths lessons with Bobby Seagull. Or, if you’re a member, you have access to a whole catalogue of virtual lessons via your Members’ area. 

However, If you’re looking for tutor interaction to keep your child engaged with their home learning, Explore at Home is perfect for you. 



What are the benefits of online tutoring?

Online tuition with Explore Learning offers children the opportunity to learn without limits. 


So, does online tuition really work?

Online learning is brought to life with Explore at Home from the help of our expert tutors. Compass uses screen-sharing methods and video call technology, offering a new and exciting approach to learning. 

We’re proud that Explore at Home is Netmums recommended! Discover how 91% of Netmums understand the benefits of online tuition. 

Emily Rathge, Explore’s Data Scientist says, “We know that every child learns differently, which is why Compass is built to adapt to each individual child at their pace of learning.”

So, does it work? Does online tuition really make children progress academically?

We believe it does. It offers an alternative to face to face tuition yet delivers the same engaging experience and gets results. 

Don’t just take our word for it.

We know children are enjoying their online lessons, but what do parents think?  

“Education is extremely important and those delivering this at Explore learning do so in a manner that is appropriate and welcoming to the children. The engagement therefore is good and hence the learning and educational development is achieved at the child’s pace.”Explore at Home parent, Aberdeen.

“The staff have been motivational, friendly and able to teach my child in a way I can’t. Her grades have improved. They also assist her with ways to revise and how to organise her study time.” Explore at Home parent, Basingstoke

“Excellent feedback from tutors. You know where your child is at and where they are going. Can see progress and staff are extremely helpful and supportive.” Explore at Home parent , Sale.

“I like being able to see progress, I just heard my daughter exclaiming excitedly about how many skills she had.”Explore at Home parent, Kingston. 



Explore at Home fits effortlessly into family life. Our flexible membership is the answer to get your child to where they need to be, from wherever they may be!

Come and discover the benefits of online tuition for your child. 

Don’t let disruptions put a stop to your child’s learning with our award-winning online maths and English tuition.




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