What is surf club?

August 22, 2018

Surf club is a fun and creative part of your child’s Explore Learning session. Lauren Rhodes, a tutor from our Stourbridge centre, explains why…

Photo of children and tutor

Why does Explore Learning have surf club? What are the benefits?

Going to surf club offers children the chance to relax, make new friends and have lots of fun after their learning.

One thing that I love about Explore is that we do not just create fearless learners; we create well rounded members of society. Surf club breaks down the barriers of age and allows children of all ages to communicate and have fun with one another and also the tutors! For example, in surf club we often encourage children of all ages to participate in different games together with the tutors. This is particularly helpful to younger members who may at first feel a little unsure – surf club is an inclusive environment where everyone is approachable and friendly! As well as developing the children’s communication and social skills, I have noticed that surf club really fosters confidence in our members. This confidence is often transferred into their maths and English sessions, as they are much more confident to have a go and make those important mistakes in their learning, as well as being confident to ask for lots of help from the tutors!

Above all else, surf club its lots of fun! We love to reward our members and what better way to reward fearless learning than having fun in surf club! The children love playing games, chatting to the tutors and each other and being creative in surf club. In our centre, the children never want to leave! This means that the children are very enthusiastic and eager to come into the centre to do their learning, as well as being excited to be in surf club!

How can children make the most of their surf club time?

Play lots and lots of different games with different children and tutors! The flexibility of the membership means that the children will often meet different children every time that they come into the centre. That means that there are lots of new friends to be made! Doing this will really help the children to develop in their confidence within the centre.

As well as this, the children should not be afraid to get involved with any of the activities that are going on in surf club! In our centre, we often have seasonal activities such as a ‘Summer Scavenger Surf Club Hunt’ or creating a huge handprint bonfire ready for Bonfire Night, so get stuck in and have a go! Surf club always has loads of creative and arty activities to do and we love to see the artistic talents of our members! If the children do really great pieces of artwork or make a fabulous crafty creation we love to see them – and we love to show these talents off by displaying them around surf club!

Surf club really has something for everyone and as long as the children get involved with something that they will enjoy, they’ll be making the most out of this fantastic part of their session!

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