What qualities make a good tutor? Meet our talented tutors

April 20, 2021

what qualities make a good tutor?

Wondering how to choose the right tutor for your child?

From support with school work to guiding your child through curriculum challenges or boosting confidence; we can help.

The choice of who to trust with your child’s education can be overwhelming with so many tuition providers and private tutors to choose from. 

We believe that our experienced tutors can deliver the results you need.


What qualities should a great tutor have?

You want the best for your child. This means you need a professional, knowledgeable and effective tutor that can adapt to your child’s learning style. At Explore Learning, we only recruit academic achievers and ensure they are experts in the National Curriculum, supporting your child to achieve their full potential. 

As a starting point, great tutors should have:

  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Fantastic communication skills
  • Good subject knowledge and Curriculum knowledge
tutor Sean Southerland-Kirby tutor Sean Southerland-Kirby tutor Sean Southerland-Kirby

What skills are needed for a tutor?

Prior to tutoring for Explore Learning, tutor Sean Southerland-Kirby taught in a drama school, worked in pupil referral units and within SEND schools. With a wealth of educational knowledge and experience tutoring at Explore, he has a passion for getting it right for every child, every time. Here he breaks down the key qualities that make a successful tutor:

  • Strong rapport building

“I believe that the most important skill a tutor and student build together should be the ability to connect and create a tutoring relationship. The first thing I do with any child is get to know them, using my active listening skills to remember their hobbies and interests.”

  • Good listeners who understand that each child is unique

“I know what their siblings’ names are, what their favourite colour is, what pets they have. This may not seem important, but asking “how is Rufus the dog?” shows my members that I see them as an individual.”

  • Professional and reliable

“Most of my members will spend their days at school in a class of 30+ pupils. I know from my own teaching experience in primary and secondary schools how difficult it can be to make sure every pupil is catered for. At Explore Learning we are able to go that extra step and really tailor each session to each pupil.”

  • Motivating

“I have a motto that I tell all of my members: ‘It doesn’t matter if we get it right or wrong. An incorrect answer is an opportunity to learn something new’. It’s something I truly believe and something the children I tutor respond really well to. It takes the pressure off the need to be perfect and instead focuses them on how to overcome challenges and be a better learner.”

  • Approachable for children and parents

If a tutor is patient and caring, the child will respond to that and so will their parents. I often have parents coming forward to ask for advice or help; parent relationships are just as important to me as my pupil ones.”

  • Adaptable to students needs using initiative

I have spent many years working with children who are hearing impaired (as I am), visually impaired, or on the autistic spectrum. Adapting my teaching technique for these children is important, but fundamentally the same as with any other child. It requires a little more awareness on the part of the tutor. For some of the children I teach, this may mean that we spend extra time refreshing subjects or coming up with fun mnemonics. By tailoring to each child’s needs, a tutor’s dedication to education really shows.

  • Honest, empathetic and trustworthy

“By building a relationship with the child founded on respect, my members trust me. That, in turn, means that a child can really open up to me and engage in their learning journey.”

  • Fun and engaging

“More than just supporting children with maths or English tuition, my passion is opening their eyes to how wonderful learning these subjects can be. A little laughter along the way certainly supports a child’s learning process. We spend time playing games while we work such as ‘2 Truths, 1 Lie!”

  • Enthusiastic, encouraging and inspiring

“I believe it’s really important to talk to children and not to talk at them or down to them. We are inspiring them to take charge of their own learning journey and to be fearless. So it only stands to reason that we talk to them with the same respect we would an adult.”

  • Dedicated; encouraging independence and tutoring for the right reasons

“We have a responsibility to do everything we can to empower these young people to be the best learners they possibly can be, and that’s something I’m proudly passionate about.”

  • Considerate of learning beyond the curriculum

“I think it’s really important that children see tutors as individuals. For instance, as well as a tutor I am also an artist, YouTuber and author. Being able to talk candidly with children about other subjects, and relate them to their education, brings an extra dimension to their Explore Learning experience.”


What makes a good tutor?

Your child’s tutor needs to be able to do more than just teach maths and English.

Our tutors inspire and motivate through rewarding achievements and build lifelong bonds by getting to know your child and how to get the most out of their sessions.

Tutor Kimberley Fish

Tutor Kimberley Fish, discusses her recent successful tutoring and demonstrates exactly why our good tutors stand out from the crowd

“I am passionate about teaching children new things and helping them become more confident in themselves and academically. I love learning, I think that really helps me to be a great tutor because I always challenge myself to learn something new and I am able to project that onto the children. 

I tailor every single session to the child, so no one session is the same. My extracurricular learning has really helped to tailor my tutoring specifically when working with children who have SEND. One example of this is with a member who has selective mutism, I had heard of selective mutism before but didn’t really know anything about it or why people struggled with it, so I went away and researched. I looked at various websites which taught me different strategies to try in my tutoring sessions.

In addition to this, the child had various things they were passionate about so I learnt about those, and you could see how they got visibly excited when I spoke about their passions. They also speak Polish so now I am learning some basic Polish so that we can hopefully say a few words together! I am determined to have an impact on children’s lives and change the way they view learning.”


Celebrating our talented tutors

Our brilliant tutors always go above and beyond for our members, making students feel valued and changing lives on a daily basis. We love shouting about how fantastic they are from the rooftops and so do our parents:

what qualities make a good tutor?what qualities make a good tutor?Parent testimonials

Manager Georgi, tells us about why she believes Max and Nasima are so great:

Max also got in touch to tell us what he loves the most about being a tutor at Explore:

“I find tutoring amounts to a conversation of sorts, sometimes I’m teaching the child and other times they teach me. Developing a friendly and constructive relationship with the child is important in order to get a good sense of what challenges them and how they respond to challenging topics. Tutoring at Explore allows for that constructive environment. It’s exciting to explore new ways of thinking together, pushing them to consider known ideas in new ways so as to help them understand what’s coming next. My aim is to help them enjoy learning and find the fun in asking themselves tricky questions of all sorts.”


Not just academic experts

More than just academic role models, our English and maths tutors inspire their members and make an impact that goes beyond education! At Explore Learning, we look for well-rounded tutors with their own personal passions and goals, who are equally as passionate about motivating children to become lifelong learners. 

Meet our tutors 

Lena Mohammed, Wolverhampton 

Tutor Lena is a polyglot, fluently speaking Russian, Persian and Dari as well as English. She is currently learning French in her spare time. Lena also is an active blogger, a passionate volunteer within a non-profit organisation and hopes to read Journalism at the University of Arts in London.

 “Throughout my life, I have always wanted to work with and help children, thus the role of being a tutor at Explore Learning has helped me to encourage fearless learners.” 


Lena Mohammed, Wolverhampton tutor


Farrah Burke, Chelmsford

Farrah joined Explore Learning in 2016. Outside of work, she is a competitive 64kg Olympic weightlifter, medalling at the South East London Championships and seeking qualification for the British Championships in 2021. 


“Weightlifting has helped me develop so many invaluable qualities: discipline, dedication, self-confidence, mental clarity, resilience in the face of adversity. This is why Explore Learning’s mission to create a generation of Fearless Learners resonates so powerfully with me. Whether it is a 100kg barbell or algebraic equations, we all face challenges that present a series of choices.

Do we give up at the risk of failing? Or do we try with the chance of succeeding? I can wholeheartedly empathise with a child’s hesitancy to act bravely. But being fearless is less of a quality and more so a habit. We must commit to practising it every day until eventually, it is a natural part of ourselves.

The children love watching my weightlifting videos and seeing how I can lift up to three times their body weight. Some of our Explore Learning members even joined my weightlifting club as they were so inspired!”

Farrah Burke, Chelmsford tutor


Hakeem Haidar, Hampton

Hakeem is hugely passionate about playing the piano and acts as a real role model to so many. He demonstrates determination and dedication, through frequently learning and mastering new pieces of music, as well as coaching the children he teaches to also be resilient and succeed.

“I’ve connected with playing piano and teaching myself for as long as I can remember. As the years went by, I began to develop more of an appreciation for playing, and with lockdown after lockdown, I now invest more time into recreational practice outside of my job. The benefits are endless; my mental wellbeing and cognition is improved, creativity, and a real sense of mastery is once you learn a new piece. All of these qualities are central to my role at Explore, and I am so passionate about instilling these with members and staff at Explore.” 

what qualities make a good tutor?



How to choose a good tutor

Identify your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses 

Getting to grips with the areas your child feels confident and less confident in, can help you to direct their learning with their tutor from the get-go. If you’re unsure, you can ask their teacher or look at recent school reports to get a gauge of where they’re at. 

Our trial tuition sessions are also the perfect opportunity to receive honest feedback on your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses and to discuss their needs with us.

Student and tutor


Keep your child’s learning style in mind

You know how your child learns best. Finding a tutor to complement this learning style is important so that your child can get the best out of every session.

Our maths and English tutors are experienced in getting the best out of your child and know that children learn best when they’re engaged with their learning. That’s why our award-winning approach caters for all different learning styles through interactive teaching methods to ignite their spark, every time.


what qualities make a good tutor?

Consider the tutor’s experience and certifications

Your child will be spending a lot of time with their tutor, so it’s important that you find someone you can trust. In order to reach their full potential, children need the ultimate cheerleader, someone they can confide in, who understands them – a mentor to guide them, a role model to inspire them. 

With over 20 years of tutoring experience, we can help your child to believe in themselves and discover the magic of learning.

what qualities make a good tutor?

Get references and recommendations

Asking friends, family and your child’s teacher for their advice and recommendations can support you in guiding your child to the right tuition for them. 

We’re trusted by parents and highly recommended by teachers for a reason. Our proven results and multiple awards will reassure you that we can help your child excel academically, but crucially become a fearless learner who is confident and thirsty for knowledge.


what qualities make a good tutor?


Think about what environment your child works best in

Considering what learning atmosphere is right for your child prior to beginning tuition, can set them up for success.

We operate 100+ vibrant tuition centres UK wide and have adapted our hugely successful approach to give our families the same experience with online tuition.


what qualities make a good tutor?


Learn what a typical tutoring session looks like and how much it costs

Understanding how your child’s tuition is going to work can support you in reassuring you that you’ve made the right decision and can support your child with feeling prepared. We offer a free trial session for you to see our vibrant tuition brought to life, explore how it works and see if we’re the right fit for your family. 


Online tutoring icon


Find out how your tutor keeps up to date with the school curriculum

Every parent wants their child to have the best chance of success, and choosing the right tutor and considering their expertise with the school curriculum is key.

That’s why we only recruit academic achievers and ensure they are excellent tutors and experts in the National Curriculum, supporting your child to achieve their full potential. We only employ passionate educators and inspiring role models.


what qualities make a good tutor?

Ask if your tutor provides student progress reports

Discovering how your tutor is going to relay feedback to you is important for you to stay on track with your child’s achievements.

At Explore, we like to involve both the student and parent in keeping them updated with academic progress. After every session, your tutor will provide tailored, real-time feedback to you and your child, and we’ll schedule regular meetings with you to discuss their progress and plan ahead.


what qualities make a good tutor?



Whether it’s face to face in one of our tuition centres or online, your child will always be met with a warm welcome. Our qualified tutors always provide a safe space for your child to work towards their academic goals and give personalised feedback to enhance their learning.

Looking to get started? Speak to our experts to find the perfect membership for your family.

Book your free trial 


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