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Leadership Opportunities

Make an impact. Be a leader. Grow our membership.

Become an Assistant Director. 

Whether you’re a graduate or looking for a career change, joining Explore Learning means you’ll be pivotal in delivering our award-winning service to families.

You’ll quickly get stuck into the nuts and bolts of running one of our centres; day to day, you’ll lead and develop a team of superstar Tutors, nurture lots of budding fearless learners, and welcome new families into your ever growing membership.  

Who we’re looking for

Inspirational Leaders
You’ll have a fearless approach towards leading your team, taking ownership of their development & performance

Customer-centric individuals
As an incredible communicator, you will proactively seek opportunities to build strong, long-lasting relationships with your members

People with a passion for education
Our people come from a range of diverse backgrounds, united by our passion for education; you’ll share our strong commitment to providing top class tuition to children

Performance drivers
You will use your initiative and drive to make strong operational decisions, resulting in sustainable membership growth

Team Players
You and your team will inspire each other to be the best you can be, and you will work closely with others to achieve a common goal

Are you up for the challenge?

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Deliver outstanding service

This is the beating heart of our business. You’ll build strong relationships with the families that use Explore; whether in a parent’s meeting, or while tutoring your members.

Thanks to you, families will feel empowered and confident that their child is receiving the best education, each and every session. You’ll become an expert at adapting to their needs; acting on the useful feedback parents give us, and tailoring their experience at every stage of their membership.

Our members see the value in our offering, resulting in long-term memberships with us. You’ll impact children’s learning everyday, not only in their core maths and English, but in nurturing the skills and attitudes to develop fearless learners.

Lead an incredible team

We’re all in it together at Explore, and as a manager you’ll be training and developing a top class tutor team. 

You’ll be instrumental in their development, growth, and delivery on the job; supporting them to build confident, fearless learners.

You will equip your team with the skills, tools and expertise to make each and every interaction with your members count, and your staff will love coming to work.

We’re looking for inspiring leaders to take ownership, embrace challenges and drive centre growth, and as a manager at Explore, you will inspire your team to embrace the same vision. 

Promote an award-winning brand

As an ambassador for Explore, you’ll be telling people about our service, building meaningful, trusted relationships with your local community.

You’ll promote Explore in a variety of different ways; visiting libraries and schools, using social media, and supporting promotional events in local venues. These brand building events will build your reputation, and attract new members to join.

Working towards your centre growth target, you’ll be booking and holding trial sessions for potential new members; demonstrating the incredible service we provide and encouraging them to join. Alongside this, your current members will continue to receive a fantastic service, leading to membership growth.

Salary, locations and working hours

We have over 100 centres nationwide. To view our vacancies and see where you could start your career click here.
Our starting salary for Assistant Directors is £23,000. You’ll get an additional £3,500 if you work within the M25, or an additional £1,000 if the centre is within 10 miles of the M25. When you meet your membership growth goals, you’ll earn bonuses and rewards to recognise your success.
Our centres are open evenings and weekends to support our members – you’ll typically be working Tuesday to Saturday.

Progress with us

Just like our members at Explore, our staff are fearless when it comes to self development. 

The scale of opportunities to develop and learn is broad, and we’ll give you plenty of room to grow. 

Our staff are ambitious and many take the step to becoming a Centre Director. Once you’ve implemented your core learning, you’ll showcase your performance management and leadership capabilities, and start to plan your pathway to this promotion.

Nearly three quarters of our Head Office team began their Explore Learning careers as tutors or managers, delivering our service at the coalface. They are all equipped to provide you with the platform and resources you need to succeed in your roles and responsibilities.

Application process

Step 1 – Submit your application

Tell us why you’d like to become an Assistant Director with Explore Learning and attach your CV.

Step 2 – Complete a maths and English test

Demonstrate your current knowledge base in these core subjects, with questions up to GCSE level.

Step 3 – Take part in a video interview

Highlight your skills in your own words during a live or recorded video interview – pick a time which suits you to open your webcam and shine!

Step 4 – Meet us in person

Depending on the role you’ve applied for, we might schedule a final interview so you can show us why you’re right for the role.

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Meet our Managers

Before joining Explore Learning and following my graduation, I spent almost 3 years in the entertainment industry working as an actor/singer. I was attracted to the variety of the Assistant Director role – it provides you with the opportunity to up-skill yourself in many different fields such as marketing and sales, business management and Education. No one day is the same and that is what keeps it interesting. I’m also get to work alongside a great team!

One of the most exciting elements of the role is having the chance to work alongside and inspire our young fearless learners who come to gain some extra help in their maths and English. Not one child is the same and this is what makes it so engaging. You are constantly being challenged.

I began working at Explore Learning as a tutor in 2014, whilst I was studying Drama and Education Studies at University. I loved supporting each and every child with their work! After living in Asia for four years as a child and witnessing how education is so valued to those who have so little, I knew I wanted to ensure every child experiences the best education and I feel that is exactly what Explore Learning does.

Every day at Explore is different which keeps it exciting and unique as a job. I always wanted to work in the education sector and whilst being a tutor I was planning to become a teacher.  Being a tutor made me realise how great Explore is, it offers a fun and educational experience for children in order for every child to reach their full potential. From understanding this my plans changed. As soon as I graduated I knew I wanted to apply for the Assistant Director position.

I feel that Explore Learning offers such a great service to both children and parents. The most rewarding part of the role is seeing children progress and be so happy and excited to tell you about their achievements. I find myself smiling every day at work!  Following my success as an Assistant Director, I was promoted to become a Centre Director, and I can’t wait to see how my Explore Learning career progresses.