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Who we’re looking for:

  • Great ambassadors that are ambitious and driven
  • You’ll probably be a graduate with a strong degree classification
  • A minimum of Grade B in Maths and English GCSE
  • You may have some experience with working with children already

£22,000-£24,500 plus £4400 bonus potential

Over 130 centres nationwide and growing

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Roles and Responsibilities

Becoming an Assistant Director with us will see you taking the reins of a challenging position that requires oodles of gumption, determination and flexibility

You might step into one of our well established centres and make your own mark continuing to build upon the excellent reputation that the centre will already have in the local community, or you could join a management team launching a new centre in a new location so you’d be building the centres presence and position within the local community right from the very start. Variety is what people always say attracts them to the role, it’s also what makes it tricky to tell you everything about! Broadly speaking there are 4 key areas that you’ll be sinking your teeth into, although you can expect to find yourself doing absolutely all sorts of things not included below too!

  • Sales & Marketing – You’ll be raising awareness of your centre whenever and wherever you come into contact with the local community.
  • Management & Business – You’re a capable individual so right from the start of your career you’ll be given responsibility for the business and for a team of part time staff.
  • Teaching – Everything that we do as a company, every decision we make and everything that we try to achieve is ultimately for the good of our members and to always make sure that we’re delivering an incredible standard of service and quality teaching to them.
  • Customer Service – Our whole company is dedicated to providing the absolute best service and highest standards that we can to the families that use us.

If you think you can drive performance and make a meaningful impact on these 4 areas then that’s fantastic, but don’t worry, we aren’t expecting you to already be an expert in all of these things.  We deliver a vast amount of brilliant training in absolutely everything you could hope for, what we’re really looking for is for you to be willing, trainable, proactive and resilient, we can help you to learn everything else!

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 Dynamic Environment

 Training opportunities

 Career progression

A wealth of resources at your fingertips

Just like our members at Explore we never stop learning. Learning and development is part of daily life,  just like brushing your teeth! Whether you are going left or right, up or down the direction that you take your professional learning and development journey on is completely up to you

Be a valued part of the team working at Explore

We promise to provide you with an enormous wealth of resources and training, but essentially it’ll boil down to you making sure that you’re fully grabbing the bull by the horns and seizing every opportunity that you’re presented with. To get you up to speed as quickly as possible most of your learning will happen in your centre with on the job coaching and mentoring from your colleagues. Other learning opportunities that we offer include idea sharing days, coaching, mentoring and the use of our fantastic e-learning platform these are all readily available for you to enhance your development at any time.

  • Regular peer to peer meetings
  • Job Coaching available
  • Practise at home using e-learning platform

We invest enormous amounts of resource and energy into making sure that our training is top notch and we love gathering feedback to constantly improve what we can offer you. This timeline will help to give you an idea of the milestones that our top talent star performers can achieve.

See a 5 year timeline

What to expect working at Explore


Monthly Bonus schemes with a pension to look forward to


An enriching culture to enjoy and attend regular social events


An Employer that cares for your fitness & wellbeing


The longer you work with Explore, the more you get to enjoy

Gain insight from our Assistant Directors

I started as an AD after hearing about Explore from, I didn’t know what I wanted to do do but I knew it wasn’t a desk job! After Uni, I was a retail manager and then went and taught in France. I got really excited by the variety and responsibility that I’d get as an AD.

It’s been a massive learning curve so far and I’ve had to get used to being thrown at the deep end and taking lots of feedback which I hadn’t been used to before. But I can see myself improving and I’m keen to have an impact running my own centre as a CD one day!


I began working at Explore Learning as a Tutor in 2014, whilst I was studying Drama and Education Studies at University, I loved supporting each and every child with their work. After living in Asia for four years as a child and witnessing how education is so valued to those who have so little, I knew I wanted to ensure every child experiences the best education and I feel that is exactly what Explore Learning does.

Every day at Explore is different which keeps it exciting and unique as a job. I always wanted to work in the education sector and whilst being a Tutor I was planning to become a teacher.  Being a Tutor though made me realise how great Explore is, it offers a fun and educational experience for children in order for every child to reach their full potential. From understanding this my plans changed, as soon as I graduated I knew I wanted to apply for the Assistant Director position.

I feel that Explore Learning offers such a great service to both children and parents. The most rewarding part of the role is seeing children progress and be so happy and excited to tell you about their achievements. I find myself smiling every day at work!  I would love to continue my career with Explore Learning and one day become a Centre Director.

My name is Gemma and I am currently the Centre Director of Explore Learning in Leamington Spa. I consider myself one of a small minority of people who are lucky enough to wake up every day and look forward to going into work. I have been with Explore Learning for my entire working life – starting in Leamington when I turned sixteen, and have been fortunate grow with the centre and work there as a Tutor, Assistant Director and now Centre Director.

My experience with the company started as a young student who never had a job before. I was given the opportunity to work with children and be trained in the National Curriculum, special educational needs and even sales. It was a job that I truly loved and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. I continued to work in the centre whilst I was at university studying History and during one shift, my managers approached me to ask whether I would be interested in applying for the Assistant Director role. I was fast tracked through the interview process and attended an assessment day, after which, I was lucky enough to be offered the job.

I was an Assistant Director in Leamington for around a year before I took over as the Centre Director, and now I am fully responsible for the centre that I have been so invested in since I was a teenager. My current role involves running the centre on a daily basis, managing a team of around twenty tutors and my two Assistant Directors. My role is to oversee the running of the centre and ensure that my team are constantly developing their skills as tutors and managers. Through this, I make sure that we are constantly providing the best possible service to our members and growing as a centre. My job is varied and challenging, requiring me to develop skills in teaching, commercial awareness, negotiation and sales to name just a few. This has meant that I am constantly learning and there is certainly never a dull day!

Seeing my staff share my passion for our service and subsequently seeing the centre grow to its largest in five years, makes me smile on a daily basis. I am proud of the work that I do and I would advise any new starter in the company to simply get stuck in and enjoy providing such a brilliant service.

Our Awards

We love an award! It’s part of what we do– recognising achievement, celebrating success and rewarding our efforts is really important to us.

We’re passionate about helping our children and families achieve the best they can and love that our achievements and accolades are acknowledged as a company as well. Being ambitious we always like to keep an eye out for new ways to be recognised and hiring driven people with oodles of initiative helps us to make sure we’re always at the top of our game!

Here are some of the wonderful recognitions we have been proud to receive so far….

2nd in the Sunday times Top 25 Best Companies to work for, 2018

Sunday times Top 100 Best Companies to Work For 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013

2014 fast track 100 logo 002

Sunday Times Fast Track Ones to Watch 2014

The Job Crowd’s Top Companies to Work For 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013

Winner: Glassdoor Best Places to Work, 2018, 2017

my family award

Winner: Private Tuition Centres – My Family Favourite Award 2015

Silver Award: Mumsnet Family Friendly Hall of Fame 2014, 2013

Winner: Mumsnet Family Friendly Innovation Award 2013

Winner: Education Investor Supplementary Education Provider of the Year 2015, 2014, 2013

What to expect after submitting an application

All of our Recruitment Team have worked extensively in centres, as Tutors, Assistant Directors and Centre Directors so you’ll always be talking to someone through the process that has done the job that you’ll be doing!

The first step towards becoming an Assistant Director is to apply, and it shouldn’t take too long. We need to know some basic information from you, and then the application form is 2 questions, we essentially want to know why you want to work for Explore, and how you think you’ll contribute towards a centres performance. Once you’ve answered the questions you will upload your CV and sit back and wait to hear from us within 2 weeks. We always let you know the result of your application, and we’ll always provide you with feedback, at every step of the way.

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Kickstart your career at a centre near you

Our Locations

We have over 130 centres nationwide and recruit continuously for all locations.

Priority Assistant Director Vacancies

  • Kent Area – Sidcup
  • North West London – Wembley, Willesden,
  • North London – Palmers Green
  • Bedfordshire
  • Buckinghamshire – Milton Keynes
  • Cambridgeshire – Peterborough

Don’t worry if you don’t see your preferred centre here – you will be able to chat to the talent team about your location options when you apply.