Manager interview process

Welcome to the Explore Learning manager interview process!

We’re thrilled that you have chosen to apply to become one of our inspirational leaders.

Below, you’ll find some information about what to expect during your journey to job offer. 

What are the interview stages?

Maths and English Assessment

Demonstrate your current knowledge base in these core subjects in a 20 minute test and show us you have a good grasp of the Curriculum.

Pre-recorded video interview

You’ve passed the test, and shown your passion in your application! Next up – you’ll be provided with a link to complete a series of short videos, for a chance to show us what kind of leader you will be.

Live virtual interview 

Hosted by a member of the recruitment team, this final interview is an opportunity for us to assess your strengths and initiative through a series of scenario questions; you’ll step into the shoes of an Explore Learning manager and demonstrate that you have what it takes to bring our service to life!

Why do we interview you in this way?

Our leaders are unique, each bringing something different to their role day to day. We all share the passion to nurture, support and inspire children in their education and beyond.

We’ve designed a recruitment process to allow you to show your individuality, as well as to assess where your passion to work with children comes from, and how you will help us make an impact to children across the UK. 


Showcase your academic abilities

As a manager, you’ll be responsible for developing our tutors to provide maths and English concepts to all children aged 4-14; you’ll also get stuck into teaching the early years Curriculum all the way through to Key stage 3. To help us assess your knowledge of these concepts, we have created a timed assessment to reflect the teaching of these topics to our members. 

Tell us what makes you a role model

Our managers are passionate, credible communicators, and this skill is crucial to our success in building strong, long lasting relationships with each family. We want to give as many candidates the opportunity to show how you’ll inspire our tutor team and grow a centre; so before we shortlist our finalists, you’ll submit 5 pre-recorded video questions.

Getting to know your role as a manager

Working at Explore Learning means interacting with a wide variety of people, and adapting your approach to challenges that may come your way. In our final live interview, our recruiters will cover the specifics of the role, and find out how you would tackle each element, as well as answering your queries.   



Want to know more about the process, or have any concerns or additional requirements?

Get in touch with us via [email protected], or give us a call on 01483447411

Our team are here to help 

We want to make sure your assessment experience is as accessible and enjoyable as possible. As a prospective employee, no question is ever too big or too small, and we welcome your communication either by giving our recruiters a ring, or popping across an email.  

What’s more, our process can move at a pace which suits you and won’t require any travel to an interview venue. If you find you need extra time to complete one of our stages, or some advice on how best to access any of our assessment tools, or some technical support, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Top tips from our recruiters

Tip 1 – Make sure you’ve looked at our website 

This is a great tool to help you feel informed, and prepared before your interview so you don’t feel caught out with any aspects of the role you didn’t know about. It also allows you to get a feel for the company and how it might fit with your lifestyle.

Tip 2 – If you’re ever unsure, just ask

If you’re having technical difficulties, or maybe you would like more context around a question we ask you in the live interview – let us know you’re a little unsure and we will do everything we can to set you up for success.

Tip 3 – Get ready before you record

We know that for some, recording yourself answering questions is a little out of the ordinary! So we’d advise to make sure you choose a time in the day where you’re less likely to be interrupted, and that your devise has plenty of battery to last you through the interview; that way, you can fully focus on showing us what kind of tutor you will be!

Tip 4 – Be yourself 

We know it’s cheesy, but we truly want to know who you are, and how this role suits your strengths and attributes. The interview is just as much a gauge for you to see whether working in this role feels right, as much as for us to assess whether we think you’re ready to nurture those light bulb moments in children.

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