What is Compass

How our innovative learning tool works


A one-of-a-kind learning tool designed by
Education Experts

We are really proud to present Compass – an innovative learning tool designed by our in-house Education Experts.


Our history of educational expertise

Having taught over 300,000 children over the past two decades, we have learnt so much about what delivers excellent progress and amazing learning experiences to our members.  We know what you want, so we’ve made it for you.

After testing the top range of learning tools available, we realised that the only thing that would perfectly meet our members’ needs both now and in the future, was a tool that was designed and built by us.

What makes Compass different?

Our learning tool, Compass, uses an adaptive logic engine, which chooses the questions for children based on their performance.

  • Compass allows us to support children in mastering and retaining skills.  We can then provide targeted intervention for topics that children are struggling with.
  • Our members don’t work their way through Compass in a linear way as many other tuition providers do.  The logic engine in Compass ensures that every child’s pathway is tailored to them and responds to their individual challenges and strengths based on their performance.
  • When children start using Compass, the learning tool will determine what is the right starting level for them after a brief initial assessment period.
  • Your child will have a completely personalised learning journey, which our expert tutors will guide them on, no matter their destination.
  • Compass has a built-in feature, which checks that the skills that children have previously mastered stay with them long term.  Our tutors therefore can concentrate 100% on bringing the sessions to life as Compass will always deliver the right questions at the right time for your child.

What does this mean for me?

Enhanced feedback for
parents and children

Compass allows you to see real time feedback on how and what your child is learning.

Improved progress for

On average, our members master two new skills for every 30 minutes spent on the learning tool.

Ahead of the

We can ensure that the maths and English that children cover with us aligns to both the present and future curricula across the UK.


Why our families love Compass

  • Mapped to the UK Curriculum and able to evolve – it will always move to the same rhythm as your child’s school.
  • You can keep on track with your child’s progress every step along the way.
  • Children can choose a learning environment that suits them by deciding what backgrounds and characters they would like to join them on their learning journey.
  • Tailored to your child’s learning goals to provide the right level of challenge for them. Within the tool our tutors are also able to recognise and reward children for demonstrating positive attitudes towards learning.
  • Compass is adaptive and will respond to every question your child answers; this means we can stretch and challenge them on topics of confidence, whilst providing more practise with areas of difficulty.
  • Designed by Education Experts and tried and tested by our families.  Compass has been designed and tested by teachers, tutors, and education specialists with the support of Explore Learning members – we’ve got to listen to those who know best!

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We want you to meet our brilliant people, get stuck in with our learning tools, and find the right solution for you and your child.

During a free trial at Explore Learning we will:

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