Eduqas GCSE Maths 2022 Past Papers

Whether your GCSE Maths exam is approaching or you want to get ahead by revising early, Eduqas Maths GCSE 2022 past papers can help you to revise efficiently. We, at Explore Learning, have curated both Eduqas GCSE Maths 2022 papers designed to allow you to familiarise yourself with exam format, gain insights into the types of questions that appear in Eduqas Maths exams and become more confident.

Detailed Look at Eduqas Maths GCSE 2022 Papers

The 2022 Eduqas GCSE Maths exam encompassed a rigorous assessment across all papers. Each paper evaluated a spectrum of mathematical skills, ranging from fundamental concepts to advanced problem-solving.

Eduqas Maths GCSE 2022 Paper 1

Paper 1 for the foundation tier started with simple calculations like multiplication and division and converting fractions into percentages, assessing students’ understanding of basic principles and their application in straightforward problems. The Higher tier paper starts with geometry, presenting a parallelogram, requiring students to demonstrate their ability to comprehend geometric shapes, their properties and their ability to apply their knowledge.

Both the Foundation and Higher tier papers allowed students 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete all questions. The Foundation paper contained 26 questions, while the Higher tier paper displayed 25 questions, both prohibiting the use of a calculator.

Eduqas Maths GCSE 2022 Paper 2

The Foundation tier of paper 2 presented basic arithmetic mathematics. The first question displayed a list of items with their respective costs, asking students to calculate total cost of combination of items, calculating change from transaction and determining which items could have been bought given the change received. The higher tier of paper 2 dealt with statistical concepts, such as estimating mean values, gradually advancing in difficulty to challenge students’ ability to solve more complex problems.

Both the Foundation and Higher tier papers allowed students to use a calculator. The Foundation and the Higher tier papers both displayed 24 questions, allowing students 2 hours and 15 minutes to answer all of them.

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