OCR GCSE Maths Past Papers 2022

Excel in your GCSE revision with OCR GCSE Maths papers from 2022. Familiarise yourself with OCR Maths exam concepts, types of questions and build confidence through effective revision. We, at Explore Learning, have curated OCR GCSE Maths 2022 papers to help you effectively prepare for your GCSE exam.

OCR GCSE Maths 2022 Papers Breakdown

The OCR GCSE Maths 2022 exam contained three papers for both the Foundation and Higher tiers. Each tier included three papers, designed to assess a wide range of mathematical skills and concepts appropriate for the respective difficulty levels.

OCR Maths GCSE 2022 Paper 1

Paper 1 for the Foundation tier started with basic measurement exercises, such as measuring the length of a line and identifying geometric shapes and angles. It assessed students’ understanding of basic Maths principles. The Higher tier paper started with arithmetic problems involving exponents and roots. Both tiers allowed students the use of a calculator.

OCR Maths GCSE 2022 Paper 2

Paper 2 prohibited the use of a calculator, requiring students to be able to solve a range of problems themselves. The Foundation paper started with a round of questions revolving around geometry, while the Higher tier paper started with presenting students prime factorisation problems, assessing their abilities to break down numbers into set of prime numbers that multiple together.

OCR Maths GCSE 2022 Paper 3

Paper 3 allowed students to use a calculator and given them one hour and thirty minutes to complete the exam. The Foundation tier paper started with questions involving data handling and statistics, requiring students to analyse a bar chart, while the Higher tier paper started with a question requiring students to convert a number from a standard form to an ordinary decimal.

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