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A bespoke curriculum


The Explore Learning curriculum

The Explore Learning curriculum has been created by a team of experts, to be the best possible complement to the school curriculum, whilst meeting your child’s individual needs.

Adapting to individual needs

The core activities are delivered using Explore’s unique adaptive tool, Compass. This means that the material changes to meet your child’s needs. If your child understands a concept, then harder questions are presented. If they find something difficult, then more time is spent on practising that skill with a tutor’s support.




Keeping learning fresh

Your child is presented with a mixture of skills every session. Some skills will be new and some needing revision. This approach ensures that when it’s time to take a test at school there are lots of skills recently refreshed that are ready to jump out from that brain and make it on to the page.


Aiding concentration

The Explore Learning curriculum is delivered in short 15-minute chunks, an optimal time for maintaining concentration. Your child will complete 4 short activities in their hour of tuition with us.

Highly effective

Following an initial assessment and ongoing monitoring, we ensure that your child is presented with the skills they most need to know, when they need to know them. This is a highly effective way of working. Every session your child picks up seamlessly from where they left off.


See it in action.

Mapped to school

Our comprehensive learning tool has over 35,000 questions covering all the skills that a child needs to know in this stage of their education.

It is mapped to the UK curricula making every lesson relevant to their school careers.

See the progress

You, your child, and our tutors can see your child’s progress throughout their membership helping you all plan
next steps together.

You can track the skills that they are mastering and the learning goals they are achieving allowing for regular celebrations as they grow their amazing minds.