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Our online tutoring nurtures life-long skills and encourages children to be fearless with every challenge they come across.  

Using technology that delivers results, our online English tutors provide support to the whole family.

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Safe and engaging English tuition from the comfort of your home

What will I need to get started? 

We know how busy family life is, that’s why we’ve made sure our online tuition is flexible and convenient.

All you need to get started is:

  • Access to a laptop or alternative device, preferably with a webcam and mic so we can see and hear you too!
  • A free hour within your week for your tutored session
  • Belief that we can make your child fearless with everything they do.

What will my child learn?

Mastering core English language and English literature skills will build confidence in a subject, and allow for a smoother journey of learning.

Once we see that these core foundations are solid, we introduce applied skills.  Our English language tutoring never ends as we put knowledge to use in real-life, problem-solving scenarios.  You can’t have one without the other; this combination of skill sets will provide your child with the platform to be a life-long learner.

English core skills 

Looking for an online English KS1 or KS2 tutor?  Our tutors work closely with you to build and deliver an English program that is completely tailored to your child’s unique learning goals.

  • Phonics tuition – the perfect introduction for early readers
  • Comprehension skills
  • Literacy – spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Vocabulary building
  • Reading and writing development

English applied skills 

Putting the foundations into practice, our secondary school English tuition supports children to confidently harness their skills, leading to success with their GCSE or A-Level English.

  • Research and essay skills
  • Language and linguistics
  • Comprehension analysis
  • Interpreting texts
  • Exam technique

How online English tuition works

Explore at Home is here to help your child engage with their learning, and continue to make progress from the comfort of your own home.

Unlimited access to your child’s learning tool

Learning isn’t confined to your tutored sessions with exclusive access to our resources and parent video guides – perfect for helping you to support them with home schooling.

Weekly tutored online English lessons

Log on to our unique platform and join your session to experience live, creative interaction with your engaging online tutor.

Regular parent’s meetings and feedback

We’ll keep you on track with your child’s academic progress.  After every session, your tutor will provide feedback and we’ll schedule regular meetings with you to discuss their progress.

What does online English tuition look like at Explore?

Your child’s English tuition is delivered online by experienced and passionate, UK based tutors with Explore at Home.

Our inspiring expert tutors:

  • Support home learning for the whole family with confidently understanding the curriculum.
  • Offer a safe environment, where parents and children alike are encouraged to ask questions.
  • Are experts at teaching English lessons that engage your child and build their resilience.
  • Take the pressure off your home school lesson planning by using our innovative learning tool, which tailors a program specific to your child’s goals.
  • Provide you with real-time feedback during every session, as well as your regular parent meetings, keeping you always in the loop with their progress.

How to get started with Explore at Home

Meet one of our experts on a free online tour and find out more about how we can work with you.

Book a free, no-obligation trial session

Meet our expert team and get honest feedback about your child’s needs.

Discover how our learning tool can develop their tailored plan to success.

Watch as our inspiring tutors engage your child, bringing learning to life.

Benefits of an online English tutor

Safe All of our online tutors are interviewed personally by our teams and are enhanced DBS checked, to ensure they fit the bill when it comes to delivering on quality.

Unlimited access Learning doesn’t stop at the end of your child’s tutored sessions as they have 24/7 access to their tailored learning program and additional learning resources.  Perfect for supporting home schooling and encouraging responsibility.

Convenient Our flexible membership allows your child to be engaged and have ongoing support with their specific tricky areas.

Real-time feedback Offering real-time feedback to parents on your child’s developments means you’ll always be kept up to date with your child’s academic progress.

Creative teaching Our video call technology, sharing screen methods and one-of-a-kind learning platform brings a new fresh and exciting approach to learning.

Education Investor Award Winners

How can online tutoring help my child?

When looking for the perfect tutor to teach online, the search ends with us.  Their teaching experience combined with their passion to create fearless learners equals success for your child.

  • Boosts academic progress
  • Improves self-esteem and confidence
  • Offers ongoing support with specific tricky areas
  • Encourages independent self-directed learning habits
  • Challenges and stretches high achievers
  • Improves attitudes towards learning
  • Gives the opportunity to comfortably ask your private tutor questions

Why choose us

Online English tutoring resources

Help them learn without limits.  Our online English tuition gives them 24/7 access to their learning:

  • This means learning isn’t confined to your child’s tutored sessions.
  • Gives them the opportunity to progress independently.
  • Plus, a whole world full of resources including live lessons and a wide range of curriculum led free downloadable resources just waiting for you to explore.

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This is an opportunity for us to discuss your child’s requirements in depth and for you to see what an Explore Learning session would look like for you…

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