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Are you looking for an education expert you can trust?
Someone who will encourage your child’s love of learning?

Whether you’re in need of an online home tutor or after an in-centre face-to-face learning experience, our family of tutors are ready to guide your child on their very own pathway to possibility.

Only the best and brightest maths and English tutors can join our team.

We employ passionate educators and inspiring role models. In order to provide an award-winning
tutoring experience; our tutors are all academic achievers from a diverse range of backgrounds.
Yet, what do they all have in common? They are all bright, exceptional communicators, committed
to getting it right for every child, every time.

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Why choose Explore tutors?

We know all of our tutors personally and you can trust that they are all DBS checked.

With their track record of tutoring excellence, we promise our tutors are:

Confident communicators

Our tutors are bright, exceptional communicators who bring learning to life in every interaction.


Inspiring role models

Our tutors exude positive behaviours and attitudes, which children can aspire to.

Passionate educators

Our tutors are motivational, instilling belief in children and nurturing fearless learners every day.

What makes a great tutor?

Everyone remembers that person who inspired them – a teacher, a friend, a family member. Someone who changed how they saw things and helped them to see their potential. That’s exactly what our in-centre and online tutors do.

Our tutoring works because our tutors are invested in your child’s progress. They believe that your child can achieve great things.

What makes our team so great? You can trust that your child’s tutor will:

Recognise achievement


At Explore, our tutors use our ‘Fearless FOUR’ recognition approach to make thinking and learning processes clear, achievable and engaging for your child.

Encourage a positive attitude


Our tutors are known for inspiring a resilient attitude towards learning where every time a ‘I can’t do it’ is heard, it’s challenged to become a ‘I know I will be able to do it soon’.

Always make it engaging


They know how to engage children with their learning. Our tutors use creative teaching methods that think outside of the box. They’re dedicated to getting it right for your child, every time, ensuring that they leave each session excited to learn more.

Tailor to their learning style


We use a mix of cutting-edge digital tools and traditional paper-based methods, to strike the perfect balance of interactive and tailored learning. Your child will build a bond with their tutor, who will discover exactly how best to teach and support them.

Online tuition
with Explore at Home

From £129 per month

Our interactive learning tool and video call technology will make it feel like you’re in the same room as your tutor.

In-centre tuition
with Explore in Centre

From £124 per month

Our learning centres provide each child with a personal learning space amidst a warm, social, productive environment.

Local tutors in my area

Each Explore centre works with a select group of elite tutors to deliver an unrivalled tuition service, perfect for your child’s needs.

Our in-centre tutors:

  • Provide an inspiring environment; a place away from home to focus, without distractions.
  • Support children with SEND
  • Provide all learning resources
  • Offer a vibrant space for your child to interact with both tutors and other children
  • Cater for individual learning styles for both primary school and secondary school children
  • Give you an hour to do your daily chores, food shop or to simply take a break!

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Online tutors: Explore at Home

Our unique online tutoring combines our cutting-edge learning tool, created by Education Experts, with our inspiring tutors to create a proven formula to success.

Our online tutors:

  • Provide a safe space enabling children to study from the comfort of their own home.
  • Use live interaction, making learning both fun and engaging with lots of praise and rewards.
  • Offer real-time feedback on their progress.
  • Use video call technology, sharing screen methods and our one-of-a-kind learning platform to bring lessons to life.
  • Create a structured, personalised individual learning program for your child.

Primary maths tutors

We pride ourselves on covering every aspect of the maths curriculum your child needs, fostering a love of learning along the way.

Introducing our experienced maths tutors:

I love teaching maths at Explore. Numbers are so logical and our online visual resources really support children’s mathematical understanding.

Just a few key questions can open a whole new way of thinking for struggling learners. Sometimes I’m sure I can hear the cogs moving when a learner has understood a new concept and nothing beats the confident smile that follows.

Deedee has a BA in Primary Education.

The main reason I love teaching maths is that there are a number of ways to approach a question, so adapting the lesson for each individual child is easier and more effective. 

It is also fun to find different ways of making maths more engaging and relevant to a child’s everyday life, and gives me the chance to appeal to their interests.

Daisy is a First Class graduate with a History BA from Exeter University.

I love tutoring as I get to use my positivity and energy to inspire fearless learners to have fun and to challenge themselves.

I am able to find obscure links when teaching maths and I love busting common mathematical misconceptions. If I can use the ‘Cha Cha Slide’ to teach a child how translations work (whilst allowing them to enjoy the memorable experience of learning this) then I know I have inspired a joy in learning.

Niamh is currently studying BED Primary Education at Plymouth Marjon University.


Primary English tutors

Find the right English tutor to help them reach their writing and reading goals, no matter where you live or what your child needs to learn.

Our tutors are here to encourage a love of English literature or support them in getting their ideas from pen to paper.

  • Phonics support
  • Encouraging a love of reading
  • Supporting written skills
  • Dissecting comprehension tasks
  • SATs exam technique and practise

Introducing our expert English tutors:

Whether it be a formal letter to an MP about the importance of recycling, to a short story about space exploration, being able to witness ideas become reality is incredible.

However, being able to assist brilliant, young minds on their journey to self-discovery; helping them find their voice and confidence through their words is a position I am truly privileged to have and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Michael is currently studying an MA course in Musical Theatre at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

I really love seeing children learn about the language they speak and expanding their vocabulary; becoming more vocal and learning how to write themselves.

I think children get excited when they learn to write new words, and it’s great to aid that in some way.

Caitlyn graduated last year from drama school, studying Musical Theatre! She works as a full time tutor with Explore Learning.

Frequently asked questions about our tuition


How effective is tutoring?

When tuition works well, you might notice a change in your child’s engagement towards learning, a boost in their confidence, or an increased success rate in their academic results; the idea is that tuition provides an enhancement towards their journey throughout education, whatever direction that takes.

How do I become a tutor?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Take your first steps to becoming an Explore member in your free trial session. An opportunity to see our tuition brought to life to see if we’re the perfect fit for your family.

How much do your tutors cost?

We’re confident that you won’t find a tuition provider offering the same tailored support, curriculum led programmes and value for money. Discover our tuition fees and how it works.


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