Phonics tuition

Building confidence in young readers and writers


Laying the foundation of phonics

Since 2001, Explore Learning has been delivering tuition via innovative learning centres throughout the UK.

Explore Learning’s phonics tuition sets the building blocks for children learning how to read and write. Through our bespoke curriculum, children will be able to develop their reading and writing skills using a variety of techniques and methods.


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What is phonics?

Understanding phonics and phonemes helps children identify, hear, and practice using different sounds that differentiate words in the English language.

By decoding, combining, and blending letters, children would learn how to use letter sounds to identify and create different words.

Our expert education developers and cutting-edge learning technologies have made the process of learning phonics fun, engaging, and exciting for students.


How phonics is taught

Phonics can be taught in multiple ways.

Our educators carefully identified six necessary learning strategies to include in our curriculum:


How our phonics tuition works



In-centre phonics tuition

Our face to face phonics tuition takes place at our tuition centres, which are widespread across the UK.

Our experienced tutors work with your child to overcome any challenging topics, understand concepts, and gain confidence. You can find a centre near you.

Our centres in England are Ofsted registered.



Online phonics tuition

Our online phonics tuition is delivered by our tutors virtually.

Using advanced learning tools and teaching techniques, our tutors ensure that online learning sessions are highly engaging and effective.

All of our Tutors are enhanced DBS checked.


Our bespoke phonics tuition program


Phonics learning:
Reception and Early Years


Early learning goals in reading and writing
Develop English language skills for the early years
Enhance phonics reading proficiency


Phonics learning:
Key Stage 1


Year 1 phonics screening check and Year 2 re-screening
Covers the knowledge needed for Key Stage 1
Students able to read and write effectively and correctly


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Flexible memberships from
£99 per month

We offer memberships because change doesn’t happen overnight or in a one-off session with a tutor.  Regularity is key.

Regular sessions with a tutor, review meetings with managers and access to great independent practice materials all play a part in nurturing your child’s amazing mind.


From £99 per month How it works

Learn with our
experienced tutors

Our tutors have years of experience teaching primary and secondary school students in maths and English.

You never have to worry about your child’s learning when they have an Explore tutor by their side because our goal is to unlock every child’s potential through our advanced teaching and bespoke curriculum.


The importance of phonics tuition


Learning phonics does not only help children with their reading, but also contributes to their ability to write words, construct sentences, and formulate speech.

Young children learn to break down words into phonemes to enhance their early reading and writing comprehension. Explore Learning tutors ensure that this process is engaging and fun for our students.

Our education experts highly recommend an early start to children’s phonics mastery since it significantly contributes to their lifelong learning journey. Explore Learning welcomes children as young as 4 to begin their phonics tuition.


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Frequently asked questions
about phonics tuition


What is the best age to teach phonics?

Introducing phonics to children aged 4-5 is ideal to help them develop reading, writing, and comprehension at an early age. Having that said, there’s no right or wrong age when it comes to learning. At Explore, we tailor the curriculum based on every child’s needs to ensure that they’re getting the necessary learning experience for them.

Choosing a phonics tutor for my child

At Explore Learning, we strive to make education accessible, engaging, and effective for all children. Our diverse phonics tutors work with an adaptive tool to meet your child’s needs, no matter what they are. You should choose us because we are truly invested in making your child’s journey a success – not just overcoming today’s challenges but preparing for those that you’ll encounter in the future as well.


How do you teach children phonics at home?

We believe that learning never stops, so we’ve put together a few ideas on our blog on how you can help teach your child phonics at home. You can check out our tips on learning blending and segmenting, which help children decode words easily.

Start your phonics journey today


Phonics tuition helps young children develop early reading and writing.  Let us support your child’s journey by trying out a free session with an expert English tutor.