Our Story

Explore Learning is a network of maths and English tuition centres for 5-14 year olds of all abilities. The first centre opened in Chelmsford in 2001 and there are now more than 30,000 children regularly attending more than 120 centres across the UK.

All Explore Learning centres are located in areas that are convenient for families to get to on a regular basis such as local high streets, shopping centres and supermarkets. Parents drop their children off for their learning session and usually stay in the local area to shop or visit a local café whilst their child is with us. Explore Learning centres actively drive positive, family focused footfall and increase dwell time in the local vicinity.

What are we looking for?

Ideal locations for us are areas with a large number of families and are typically in or around a shopping centre or supermarket with the following specification:

  • 10 yr minimum term
  • 1300-2500 sq ft of contiguous space on 1 floor
  • Incentives required
  • Flexible package TBC
  • Pre Lets considered
  • Broad spectrum of landlords from institutional to individuals
  • Introductory fees paid

A bit about us…

  • Excellent institutionally accepted covenant
  • Secure tenant
  • Unique, clean, fresh family focused use


Do you have a suggestion for our property team?


Jon Fairey

Head of Property, Explore Learning

07825 629 609

[email protected]

Jess Wester

Property Manager, Explore Learning

07976 546168

[email protected]