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Our unique maths and English workshops are designed by teachers for teachers. The workshops help your class develop skills such as problem solving, reasoning, language and literacy. They will be able to apply their knowledge of the curriculum in engaging ways and gives you the chance to sit back and observe your class in action.

Maths: StatisticsKS1 / P1 - P4

What’s On The Beach?

Categorising      • Systematic working      • Recording

Pupils become wildlife conservationists and survey the beach pollution to help keep the wildlife safe. They will record and present data and construct tables/tally charts to show their findings. The children will ask and answer simple questions about totalling and comparing categorical data.

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Safari Shapes

Maths: GeometryKS1 / P1 - P4

Safari Shapes

• 2D shapes      • Problem solving      • Recording

Whilst on safari we come across a funny looking elephant! Can pupils identify the properties of the shapes making up the elephant and investigate the relationship between them?

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Fruit shop

Maths: NumberKS1 / P1 - P4

Fruit Shop

• Problem solving      • Systematic working      • Recording

On a visit to a special fruit shop, your class are challenged to work systematically to find all possible combinations of how the bananas, apples and oranges can be grouped together.

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Black and white planet

English: FigurativeKS1 / P1 - P4

Black and White Planet

Descriptive writing      • Collaborative learning

Aliens are on their way to Earth from a black and white planet. Children will write a letter to the aliens, vividly describing the colours on planet Earth to reduce the shock when they land.

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Musical adventures

English: FigurativeKS1 / P1 - P4

Musical Adventures

•  Creative writing      • Collaborative learning

Different emotions are conjured up when listening to different types of music. Discover how this translates into different drawings and writing in your class.

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Flipped fairy tales

English: SpokenKS1 / P1 - P4

Flipped Fairy Tales

• Speaking and listening      • Synonyms

Disappear into the magical world of fairy tales! Your class will rewrite and participate in their own performance of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and discuss language use and meaning.

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Phone shop

Maths: StatisticsKS3 / 1st - 3rd Year

Phone Shop

• Data comparison      • Reasoning      • Problem solving

Using customer records, interpreting usage data and comparing contract offers, your class must recommend the right phone contract for the right customer.

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Break the budget

Maths: NumberKS3 / 1st - 3rd Year

Break The Budget

Problem solving   • Mathematical reasoning   • Budgeting

Your class work as travel agents to plan the trip of a lifetime for a family. Children must work within budget and specific demands, seeking solutions to keep the family happy.

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Festival goers

English: FigurativeKS3 / 1st - 3rd Year

Festival Goers

• Identify audience      • Effective vocabulary      • Structure

Your class start working for ‘Explore Events’ and are tasked with putting on a festival. Children’s must consider how their writing will guide the audience through the festival’s website.

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Crime scene investigation

English: SpokenKS3 / 1st - 3rd Year

Crime Scene Investigation

• Speaking and listening      • Formal language

Your class are the first police officers at the scene of a crime. They need to ask relevant questions to the key witness to extend their understanding and knowledge of what went on.

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Get that job

English: FormalKS3 / 1st - 3rd Year

Get That Job!

• Letter writing      • Accuracy and fluency      • Structure

Your class will compose a cover letter, writing effectively for the purpose of the audience. They will select and organise key facts and apply their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

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Maths: GeometryKS3 / 1st - 3rd Year

Garden Designers

• Area and perimeter      • Problem solving      • Recording

The Queen would like her gardens at Buckingham Palace to be redesigned. Can your class work together to meet Her Majesty’s demands using area and perimeter from scale drawings?

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Lunch break

Maths: StatisticsKS2 / P5 - P7

Lunch Break

• Presenting data      • Data comparison      • Recording

Your class has been asked to create a new menu for the school canteen. To decide what choices to offer, children will interpret and present data using appropriate graphical methods.

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Maths: NumberKS2 / P5 - P7

Sign Makers

• Problem solving   • Mathematical reasoning   • Budgeting

Children are launching a brand-new sign making business. Following a careful set of rules, your class must calculate the most cost-effective way to make new shop fronts!

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Dice dilemmas

Maths: NumberKS2 / P5 - P7

Dice Dilemmas

• Problem solving   • Mathematical reasoning   • Probability

Can your class put their problem-solving skills to the test to solve a dice dilemma? They will use reasoning strategies and knowledge of missing number problems to tackle this problem!

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New discovery

English: FigurativeKS2 / P5 - P7

New Discovery

• Descriptive writing      • Collaborative learning

Your class discover a creature that has never been seen before! They will write a detailed description of the creature, drawing on literacy devices to enhance the impact of their writing.

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Tropical island

English: FigurativeKS2 / P5 - P7

Tropical Island

• Creative writing      • Capturing intrigue

This is a game of consequences which helps your class to build interest and intrigue in their writing. Is the man stranded on the island or is he simply looking to relax on the beach?

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So you think you can sell?

English: SpokenKS2 / P5 - P7

So You Think You Can Sell?

• Speaking and listening      • Persuasive language

Your class are creative producers and are challenged to write a radio advert using persuasive language, investigating different purposes and audiences, as well as organising information.

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Olympic sport

English: FormalKS2 / P5 - P7

Olympic Sport

• Letter writing   • Proofing and editing   • Formal language

Your class will apply knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and text structure to convince the International Olympic Committee to include a new sport for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

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Maths: GeometryKS2 / P5 - P7

Treasure Hunt

• Coordinates     • Reasoning

Children must navigate their classmates’ ships through the treacherous sea and around the rocks using 2D grids. Will their accurate coordinates lead them to the hidden treasure?

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