Explore Learning Mathematicians’ Awards

Maths is everywhere; you can find it in a musical masterpiece, in a work of art and all across the natural world.

For the past 10 years, we’ve been inspiring all children to discover the magic of maths with our free competition, run with our friends at the NRICH project at the University of Cambridge. Schools are invited to enter a team of four pupils who will have the unique opportunity to tackle a never-before-seen mathematical problem and compete at the Grand Final at The Natural History Museum!

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How it works

Whether you are a teacher, community group leader or home educator, we are inviting you to enter a team of four children who will have the unique opportunity to tackle a never-before-seen mathematical problem.

Primary school competition: Years 5 and 6

Secondary school competition: Years 7 and 8

The Warm Up

Available for schools between the 14th October – 29th November 2019

We’ll come to your school and run a fun problem solving workshop that the whole class can take part in. This is a great opportunity to see your class in action, and we will work closely with you throughout to help you select the team that will represent your school in the competition. Register for The Warm Up by 11th October!

The Team Challenge

15th or 16th January 2020

The team you select from The Warm Up will be invited to their local Explore Learning tuition centre to compete in The Team Challenge across other schools across the nation. Each team will tackle a never-before seen problem created by the NRICH project at the University of Cambridge. The above dates can be flexible to accommodate as many schools as possible.

The Grand Final

5th February 2020

The top five primary school teams and the top five secondary school teams who competed in The Team Challenge will be invited to the Grand Final at none-other than the Natural History Museum in London! Who will be crowned the Explore Learning Mathematicians of the Year? Find out more about the Grand Final here.

Our maths ambassador

Bobby Seagull

Bobby Seagull

Bobby Seagull is the author of ‘The Life Changing Magic of Numbers’, co-presenter of the BBC2 series ‘The Genius Guide’ and compiles Radio 4 maths puzzles. He writes a column for the Financial Times and constantly travels the country talking to schools and communities about his love of maths. He also teaches maths at a school in east London. Bobby is studying for a doctorate in Maths Education at Cambridge University.

Working with NRICH

We’ve been working with the NRICH Project at the University of Cambridge to inspire the next generation of mathematicians for the past 10 years. 

NRICH’s activities focus on developing problem solving. Their rich mathematical tasks build students’ perseverance, mathematical reasoning, ability to apply knowledge creatively in unfamiliar contexts, and confidence in tackling new challenges. ‘Low threshold, high ceiling’ resources are designed to be accessible to all learners, encouraging exploration and discussion.



The Grand Final

We’re incredibly excited to hold this year’s Grand Final of the Explore Learning Mathematicians’ Awards at the Natural History Museum! It’s such an inspiring venue with plenty of opportunities to find the maths in each exhibit.

Teachers and parents will be able to watch a live stream of the action from the comfort of a spacious auditorium while the teams work on the never-before-seen maths problem, so you can see their team working skills and lightbulb moments. You can also browse some of the displays so that you can really make the Grand Final a day out at such an amazing venue!



Exciting prizes for all finalists


Rush Hour game
Ravensburger Thinkfun