No two children are the same

We all know that every child is unique but it’s particularly important to remember this when children are identified as having a learning difference.

Autism or Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) is a term used to describe a number of symptoms and behaviours which affect the way a person understands and reacts to the world around them. ASC can include social, communication, and behavioural challenges. The degree of difficulty that one child experiences with learning will be very different to another child’s experience. No two children with autism have the same needs.

Understanding the needs of children with autism

Children with ASC can have challenges with:

  • communication and interacting with others

  • understanding how others think or feel

  • new and unfamiliar situations

  • environments that are very loud, busy and over-stimulating

  • sudden changes in routine

Tailored support for children with autism

Individualisation is key for supporting children with autism. Our tutors work with your child and adapt their teaching style to meet your child's needs.

Whilst we are not SEN specialists, our individual approach and inclusive environment has proved highly successful with 4-16 year olds experiencing a wide range of needs. We are proud to have had many positive and meaningful outcomes for children with ASC. Our tutors, with guidance from experienced managers and education advisers, ensure that children are supported in the following ways:

  1. Structured and predictable environment:

    We encourage consistent routines and set clear expectations from the start in order to help reduce children's anxiety. This also helps to have smooth transitions between activities.

  2. Communication support:

    We provide alternative communication methods, such as visual aids and picture schedules to help tutor and child better understand each other.

  3. Social skills development:

    Explore Learning is a very welcoming, inclusive environment. Our tutors are brilliant role models teaching kindness and respect. They provide social cues that help children navigate situations with peers more effectively.

  4. Sensory support:

    Whether children need less or more sensory stimulus we adapt to your child's preferences using a range of resources from headphones, tangle toys and wobble cushions.

  5. Behavioural interventions:

    Tutors set clear expectations with behaviour plans as needed. These plans help students know what is expected of them at all times in the learning environment.

  6. Flexible learning options:

    Explore Learning centres provide opportunities for social interaction and learning from peers. However, we also offer online tuition from the comfort of your home should this better suit your child's individual needs.

  7. Family involvement:

    Your involvement is vital. No one knows your child better than you. We will schedule regular progress meetings to ensure our efforts are in line with plans followed at school and at home. If you have an EHCP we ask that you share information with us so we can provide the best possible support.

  8. Adaptive curriculum:

    We have deliberately created a curriculum that allows children to follow a tailored pathway through their learning. This means each child is presented with the right level questions at the right time. Children work at a pace that suits them.

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Dedicated tutors

Explore Learning tutors are patient, kind and dedicated to getting it right for every child. We are proud to instil positive learning habits and encourage all our members to try new things and stretch their learning boundaries.

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Over 1000 5 ★ reviews on Trust Pilot

20 years of success

Online or centre tuition

Over 1000 5 ★ reviews on Trust Pilot

20 years of success

Online or centre tuition

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