SEND & gifted children

We have the experience and environment to enable your child to progress and succeed academically – making friends along the way.

At Explore Learning we know that every child’s strengths and challenges are different. So whether your child has a suspected or diagnosed Special Education Need and Disability (SEND), or is excelling academically and needs a challenge – we tailor our curriculum and approach so that it’s right for them.

Find out how we can support children with suspected or diagnosed Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)


Explore Learning is a great place for children who just love learning and need to be stretched and challenged


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

We support members with both a diagnosed or suspected Special Educational Need. If your child has an Education Health and Care Plan (or a Statement which will be moved to an EHCP) we will adapt their activities to work towards specific goals. You may be waiting for a diagnosis and looking for ways to help your child – at Explore Learning we can support you during this time.

“Explore Learning has been like a second home to David, where he is welcomed for who he is and celebrated for what he can do.”


Amongst many other areas, we have strategies to help support children with:

  • Concentration
  • Academic progress and retention
  • Social interactions and confidence
  • Audio and visual processing
  • Balance, co-ordination and motor skills
  • Phonological processing and spelling
  • Organisation and sequencing
  • Attitude towards learning

How can Explore Learning support my child’s needs?

Although we have the experience of working with thousands of different children, we know when it comes to your child’s learning differences, you’re the expert. We’ll listen to you about how your child works best, what their specific needs are and how their learning needs affect them individually.

We’re also on hand to offer ideas, support and advice to help your child reach their full potential. We know that different things work for different children, it’s all about finding the right way to spark your child’s interest and engage them in their learning.

We’re always here to listen so if you need a friendly sounding board or some advice on where to go for help, then come and talk to us.

Call your nearest centre to ask any questions and discuss your child’s individual needs with our expert team. We offer free trial sessions so you and your child can experience the centre in action and feel confident that Explore Learning is the right environment for them.


We’ve collated a list of helpful websites if you are looking for advice in the meantime:

Your local council also has an offer on their website to show you what is available in your area for children with SEND. Head over to your council page to find out about local groups, activities and services. Or, take a look at our free SEND resources.

Gifted and talented

If your child is gifted in maths or English, then Explore is the perfect place for them! Our centres are a home for those who just love learning and need to be stretched and challenged. We’ve seen so many of our gifted learners grow academically and socially thanks to our individual approach.

“Ansh is at much higher levels of reading, writing and mathematics than what is covered in his school curriculum. “

We can stretch and challenge your gifted child to reach their potential:

  • Accelerate learning and excel academically
  • Encourage problem solving and an investigative attitude
  • Nurture talents in specific areas
  • Motivate with recognition and rewards
  • Specialist courses in maths, writing and eleven plus
  • Confidence to succeed in secondary school
  • A fearless attitude to learning

How can Explore Learning nurture my child’s talents?

Your child will work at a pace that’s right for them, allowing them to progress through the school curriculum and be introduced to new topics that can accelerate their learning and help them excel academically.

For those who typically get bored and are not sufficiently challenged, Explore broadens their academic understanding, encouraging problem solving and an investigative attitude. We nurture the influential thinkers of tomorrow!

Our specialist courses are also a brilliant way to nurture your child’s talents in specific areas, whilst developing their teamwork skills. These courses include Creative Writing, Succeed in Secondary School, Eleven Plus and if your child has a flair for maths, a Creative Maths course!

Developed in partnership with the NRICH team at Cambridge University, our Creative Maths course is designed to broaden children’s understanding of this core subject. Children investigate a variety of problems and projects that challenge them to apply maths in different situations.

We nurture fearless learners; children who will excel in the classroom, be confident in exams and fearless in school in beyond. Children who are not afraid to make mistakes, know when to ask for help and are thirsty for knowledge and hungry to know ‘why’.

Come and meet us at a free trial to see how we can nurture your fearless learner!


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