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Explore Learning Canning Town will be launching on 25th February! Our centre will provide a unique and personalised approach to maths and English tuition. Mapped to the National Curriculum, all work is tailored to every child’s individual strengths and areas of development, which means that tutors are able to support them closely, both to support and to stretch them.

But this is not just maths and English. The team at Canning Town encourage classroom skills such as asking for help and concentration, and also promote enthusiasm and a love of learning. We do this through fantastic teaching skills and a reward scheme that enables children to see their progress each session and motivates them for the next.

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Ofsted registered

Unit A Rathbone Market
Barking Road
Canning Town
E16 1EH

Find us in Canning Town

Our Canning Town tuition centre is just a short walk from Canning Town tube station, and is easily accessible by other forms of public transport. Located close to local shops and supermarkets, we’re in the perfect place to do a bit of shopping while your child expands their mind at Explore Learning!


Parking available

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Public transport available

Our tutors will get to know your child individually

Whether they are finding school tricky or top of the class, we will create a learning plan designed to help them to gain confidence, enthusiasm and new skills.

Explore Learning Canning Town Centre Director

Meet Georgie

Canning Town Centre Director

At our Canning Town tuition centre, our tutors have been handpicked for their enthusiasm, motivation and experience. We are committed to providing our members with the safest environment for children to learn in.

Therefore our staff are well trained and qualified to tutor children of all abilities that come to Explore Learning.

  • Inspiring maths and English tuition tailored to your child’s individual needs
  • Courses aligned to the National Curriculum
  • Regulated by Ofsted
Child Writing

The process of getting to know your child starts from the very first time we meet you at your free trial session. This is an opportunity for us to discuss your child’s requirements in depth, for you to see the tuition centre in action and gain an insight into the family feel of our centre.

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Maths & English in Canning Town

At Explore Learning Canning Town we understand that your child is an individual, which is why our maths and English programmes are tailored for every child. Crucially, with all of our courses aligned to the school curriculum, you can be safe in the knowledge that our tuition is the best possible complement to your child’s education.

Tuition for every stage of your child’s learning

Whatever stage your child is at, we’re here to provide you with maths and English tuition that can really make a difference. Our tailored approach means we can support children of all abilities – whether gifted and talented, looking for a confidence boost or those with special educational needs.

Expert tutors

All our tutors are experts in the school curriculum and receive regular training on current teaching methods. Our team love their jobs and this passion creates a vibrant, positive working environment where children can thrive.

Journey to success

We celebrate every child, not based on others, year groups or levels, but based on them. That’s why we’ve managed to support over 175,000 children to become confident learners who are ready to take their next step, whatever that may be.




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11 Plus and Entrance Exams

We have developed an 11 Plus and Entrance Exam offering that is tailored to suit the schools in your local area. We want every child to reach their potential and do their very best in school, and our tuition is the best possible support on your child’s journey into grammar school.

Unique approach

Our course is open to all. We don’t pre-test – we welcome any child with the ambition and drive to go to grammar school or independent school. Students on the 11 Plus course attend twice a week and also have access to a fantastic online resource, so they can practise unlimited non-verbal and verbal reasoning exam style questions any time they want.

Tailored flexible session

The key to success at 11 Plus is a strong foundation in core maths and English skills. We use technology that enables us to offer material that is exactly right for your child, and our tutors are on-hand to give individual attention so we can stretch and challenge your child to reach their potential.

Beyond the exam

We don’t believe in simply ‘teaching to a test’ – after all, the test is the very beginning of your child’s journey into their secondary career. To support your child in the run up to, during and once they have made the transition to secondary education, we can continue to support them with the new challenges they face.


How do our current members feel?

Tom has done amazingly well since coming to Explore. He is only in his second month of coming but already I have noticed an improvement in reading, maths, and most of all confidence.

Lynne, Parent

We have been overwhelmed by the staff at Explore. Their commitment, enthusiasm as well as professionalism. Excellent value for money.

Mrs.Warren, Parent

I used to be shy and never put my hand up but everyone here is so nice and helpful, I am smarter than I have ever been. Everybody is so kind and they are always happy. I love Explore Learning.

Olivia, member

  Ofsted registered

  No booking required

  Open 7 days a week

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We work with a number of local Canning Town schools

We aim to complement and support school education, which is why we work closely with local schools and teachers, ensuring our tuition is in line with your child’s curriculum and providing the best results.

Our Opening Hours

Our Canning Town tuition centre is open 7 days a week. Members do not need to book sessions in advance, and can attend on any day, and at any time during our opening hours. Maths and English tuition sessions are approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes long.

FREE trial sessions are held every day of the week at our Canning Town centre, just get in touch and we’ll book you in for a visit.

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Term Time

Normal Session 15:00 - 18:45
Succeed in Secondary 18:45 - 19:45
Normal Session 15:00 - 18:45
Entrance Exam Prep 18:45 - 19:45
Normal Session 15:00 - 18:45
Creative Writing 18:45 – 19:45
Normal Session 15:00 - 20:00
Creative Maths 18:45 – 19:45
Normal Session 15:00 - 20:00
Normal session 10:00 - 18:00
Normal session 11:00 - 17:00
Bank Holidays
Normal session 10:00 – 16:00
Creative Writing 14:45 - 15:45


Please note that normal sessions end at 18:45 unless stated above.


School Holiday

Normal session 10:00 - 16:45
Succeed in Secondary 16:45 - 17:45
Normal session 10:00 - 16:45
Entrance Exam Prep 16:45 - 17:45
Normal session 12:00 - 18:45
Creative Writing 18:45 – 19:45
Normal session 12:00 - 19:45
Creative Maths 18:45 - 19:45
Normal session 10:00 - 18:00
Normal Session 10:00 - 18:00
Normal Session 11:00 - 17:00
Bank Holidays
Normal Session 10:00 - 14:45
Succeed in Secondary 14:45 - 15:45


Please note that normal sessions end at 18:45 unless stated above.


We believe delivering the best standard of education shouldn’t cost the earth.

That’s why we offer our award-winning service at a price that’s accessible for everyone.

Our membership is simple and great value – it works as a monthly subscription, with no minimum period or tie-ins. Our standard membership is £124 per month, with a £50 registration fee. Childcare vouchers and the childcare element of Working Tax Credits could enable you to save on your monthly membership, and we’re proud to offer a scholarship scheme with a 50% discount to parents receiving Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance. What’s more, with our ‘Refer A Friend’ scheme members can reduce your monthly membership, simply by successfully introducing other members to Explore Learning.

Careers in Canning Town

Beginning your career with Explore is your first step on a wonderful pathway. There are unlimited ways that you will be able to gain new skills, master expertise and shape the future of the company with your insight and drive.

All our staff are passionate, ambitious and enthusiastic, take a look to see where your career could start…