Celebrating uniqueness, diversity, and inclusion

Our mission to improve diversity and inclusion through education.

We are on a mission! Our goal is for everyone to feel they belong and can thrive at Explore Learning - every child that we teach and every individual that we employ.

We recognise that as humans we flourish when we have two things:

  1. Our individual talents are celebrated (our differences = diversity)

  2. We have the same opportunities as everyone else to achieve our potential (a level playing field = inclusion)

Diversity and inclusion - the two go hand in hand which is why it’s great that so many more people are aware of the effects these can have on education and in our places of work today.

A diverse education in an inclusive environment

So how do we do it? 

We have been leading the way in individualised learning for some time. We recognise that each child has an amazing mind with unique needs. 

We have deliberately created a curriculum that allows children to follow a tailored pathway through their learning. In fact, no pathway will be exactly the same as each child is presented with the things they need to know, when they need to know them in reaction to their previous responses. This is called an adaptive curriculum, something that today’s technology is making easier for us to deliver all the time.

Our members also receive targeted, personalised support from tutors, in addition to working towards individual, learning goals. 

Our environment is warm, friendly and open. A place where everyone can belong without feeling identified by age or ability. Children work alongside others who attend different schools, are different ages and have different goals but they can feel united by their shared experience of working with their tutor and celebrating each other's successes. We are so proud of the environment that we have created at Explore Learning.

Continually improving

We recognise that diversity and inclusion is a continual journey because there is always more that can be done to celebrate diverse cultures, people and experiences, whilst helping people to belong.

These are the steps we are taking: 

Our curriculum 

  • We are continually reviewing and developing our content to reflect a wider range of lived experiences e.g. cultures, religions, disabilities, family circumstances etc.

  • We are developing built-in learning tools to aid accessibility e.g. coloured overlays, font size, screen masks.

  • We are introducing a wider range of characters to choose as a Fearless Friend/Supporter.

This image shows a character selection screen with a variety of characters available.

Our people

We have a Diversity and Inclusion group consisting of members of staff at every level of the business alongside a number of Employee Networks . These networks are a place for Explore employees to discuss their views, experiences, share ideas and initiatives and make social connections at work. Insights from each group help to shape our future and improve diversity and inclusion at all levels.

In 2021, 56% of all our tutor and manager hires (over 2,000 staff) were from ethnically diverse backgrounds. We are really proud to have tutors and role models that reflect our diverse membership. 

Our environment

We strive to make our centres and services accessible and inclusive - a place where everyone belongs.

We recognise that small changes can make big differences to how a child feels.

For example, removing gender references from our students' workbook drawers or renaming our parent’s meetings to progress meetings to reflect households with carers or guardians. We are also promoting the Sunflower Lanyard scheme for people with hidden disabilities, helping people to feel safe and welcomed as soon as they come into one of our tuition centres. 

“The Sunflower Lanyards are an invaluable tool in everyday life. As a person with hidden disabilities myself, I'm proud to have been involved in the pilot scheme for Explore Learning.

The response has been extremely positive from members, parents and staff. The lanyards are a sign to all that we are a safe space for people with additional needs and hidden disabilities.

 See our SEND resources for families.

Centre Director, Sean, with an Explore Learning member at a computer, both are wearing a sunflower lanyard, which is a symbol for people to showcase that they have a hidden disability.

"Above all, they have empowered those with hidden disabilities to not hide who they are, but instead celebrate our uniqueness.”

Sean, Centre Director

Talk to us about how we can support your children and their unique learning needs today or visit one of our welcoming learning spaces.

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