Let’s make the most of summer, together!

August 03, 2021

As a parent, I’ve definitely had my fair share of summers that have come and gone in the blink of an eye. Where, apart from the occasional family dinners we have all seem to have existed in isolation from each other, the kids off doing activities together or by themselves and I: working, keeping the house from imploding or enjoying a well-earned lay in the sun (during the brief glimpses that we get).

This summer I’m vowing to make a change, this summer is for us, as a family!

Parent and child playing with kite in a field during summer


Here are the five promises that I have made for my family this summer, so that we can make the most of it, together!

  • Talk to my children about something they would like to achieve at school by the summer. Each of them has their own unique passions and interests – we can work together to reach their goal, and it gives me the opportunity to praise the effort they put into it. Having a fearless attitude towards tackling challenges will see them progress in many areas.
  • Encourage my children to make a scrapbook of all the exciting things they have done during the last school holidays. Together we are going to be completing the Discover More 30 Day Summer Challenge! This is a great opportunity to think of how we can document what we have done together each day and put it into a scrapbook – I know my eldest will probably want to do something very high-tech on his tablet whereas my youngest will be ecstatic at the thought of piecing a book together with glue and paper.
  • As the weather gets hotter and we head outside to enjoy the sunshine, we can use this as an opportunity for learning. Heading to the park? I’ll get the children to work out what time it will be in 45 mins when we need to leave. Having a picnic? We can do some quick multiplication by working out how many items we will need to take if everyone needs 10 grapes, three rolls, two cheese sticks etc.
  • Work towards a treat in the holidays to keep the children focused. The Discover More 30 Day Summer Challenge will be our daily focus as a family.  I’m certain that working together as a family to take on each challenge will bring up lots of opportunities to see how each member of the family takes on different tasks.
  • Find out what’s on in the local area to give me the opportunity to rest, relax and enjoy the summer too! For example, lots of libraries have workshops available that are usually free, which will give me an hour every now and then to sit and enjoy a coffee.

If you want to take part in the Discover More 30 Day Summer Challenge too – download the free toolkit!

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