Children’s reading lists for ages 4-14: best books to read

February 08, 2021

Children's reading lists

In need of a gripping tale to beat boredom and keep your young reader engaged for hours on end? 

From beloved childhood classics to fantastic fantasies and spooky stories, we’ve pulled together our favourite books to help inspire your child’s love of reading. 

Our ultimate recommended primary school children’s reading lists have something for everyone. From those bookworms to even the most reluctant readers. Discover our 50+ must-read children’s books for each age between 7 and 11 here! 

P1-P2 / Reception and Year 1 reading list

Ignite a love of reading early with magical tales from Jula Donaldson and help them understand the world around them with inclusive choices such as My Daddies! by Gareth Peter.



P3 / Year 2 reading list

From Roald Dahl’s animal adventures, Catherine Storr’s enchanted escapades and everything in between, the books in this list are brilliant to capture the imaginations of younger readers aged 7. 


P4 / Year 3 reading list

You’ll find some well-loved authors on this list of books for young children aged 7-8. Dig up the history books with Julia Jarman’s ‘The Time Travelling Cat’ or discover Susie Gibb’s ‘Revolting Poetry to Make You Squirm’ – not for those who are slightly squeamish! 


P5 / Year 4 reading list

Whether your child is a fan of a fairy tale, mystery story or prefers a good laugh, there’ll be a book they learn to love in this list for children aged 8-9 in year 4. Let them escape real life and get lost in a new world when climbing through the wardrobe C.S. Lewis’ fantasy chronicles or cosy up and binge Jacqueline Wilson’s series of tales. 

DOWNLOAD YEAR 4 reading list

P6 / Year 5 reading list

Adventure awaits with Dick King-Smith’s fantastical fiction. Yet if that doesn’t take your child’s fancy, there are plenty more books to choose from in this hugely enjoyable selection of titles for children aged 9-10. Something for everyone – even mum and dad! 

DOWNLOAD YEAR 5 reading list

P7 / Year 6 reading list

This selection of books for children aged 10-11 lists thought-provoking children’s literature alongside historical and fantasy genres for your child to soak up. As well as some all-time classics like Charles Dickens’ ‘Oliver Twist’ and E. Nesbit’s ‘The Railway Children’. Remember to share your favourite memory of these tales with your child! 

download year 6 reading list

S1-3 / Years 7-9 reading list

No matter what genre of books your child likes to read they are sure to find a compelling story in this list of suitable reads for children aged 11-14.

download year 7-9 reading list

11 Plus and Entrance Exams reading list

For children looking to expand their vocabulary from discovering more archaic words, to those wanting to explore synonyms to help them during their 11 Plus exams and transition to secondary school. Here are a few books we recommend picking up:  

download year 4 11 PLUS reading list

download year 5 11 PLUS reading list

Our expert English tutors support children aged 4-14 in developing a love of reading and inspire them to achieve their full potential. 

Discover how we can ignite their spark. 


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