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One of Explore Learning's founding members, Carey Ann, is featured as a guest speaker on Episode 83 of the Teenage Kicks podcast, speaking about being a parent of a teenager and the benefits that tuition can have in supporting children during a pivotal time in their education.

You can listen to the podcast - or find some of the Q&A's from the episode below.


Meet Carey Ann

Carey Ann is a founding member of one of the UK’s leading tuition providers, Explore Learning. She has over 20 years’ experience working in supplementary education supporting children aged 4-16 and the tutors that inspire them. She also has experience in school governance and chairing the school PTA (Parent Teacher Association). Mum to two teenage girls she is passionate about making a difference to our future generations and helping them discover the joy in learning.

Q&A with Carey Ann

What is the primary concern often raised by parents in online communities and on social media regarding their children's education?

The primary concern raised is about tutoring, whether online or in person, especially when a child is not performing well academically or facing challenges like low GPA for college admission.

How can tutoring be beneficial for both parents and children?

Having tutoring as part of the parent toolkit can be powerful and relieving. Tutors can build a rapport with children on a different level, serve as role models, and offer inspiration without the emotional baggage parents may have.

Why is it beneficial to consider tutoring as a tool for education?

Considering tutoring is similar to seeking support for developing skills in music, dance, or art. Parents may not necessarily be the experts, and tutoring can provide valuable assistance, especially in subjects where methods may have changed since the parents' school days.

What is the role of tutors in instilling positive learning habits in children?

Explore Learning tutors work on instilling positive learning habits by teaching children that they can master various skills. Our tutors foster an attitude of "I can't do it yet" rather than a closed mindset, promoting a belief that everyone can unlock information with different levels of commitment and resilience.

What is the key to learning and approaching education?

I think one of the keys to learning is the attitude towards it. I always encourage helping children find joy and enthusiasm in recognising the good feeling that comes from unlocking something new or solving a problem. It's so important to instil positive learning habits.

Why is building confidence in children powerful, especially in the context of education?

I believe that building confidence is powerful because it influences how children perceive a subject at school and their overall approach to learning. Parents often observe positive changes in their children's confidence within the first few weeks of engaging with Explore Learning's tutoring services.

Is it ever too late to get a tutor, and how you manage expectations in such situations?

It's never too late to get a tutor, but expectations should be managed. While tutors can provide valuable support, especially in the run-up to exams, I acknowledge that they are not miracle workers. Managing expectations involves understanding the limitations of time and recognising the potential impact of stress on a student's ability to access information.

What is the role of tutors in helping students facing stress and overwhelm during exam preparation?

Tutors can play a role in helping students facing stress and overwhelm during exam preparation. Tutors can assist in calming students and redirecting their thinking back to the information they already know. They can guide students in focusing on exam techniques, answering questions effectively, and taking the right steps to keep calm in the weeks leading up to exams.

What is the importance of mutual agreement when deciding to get a tutor for a teenager?

Both the parent and the teenager need to be engaged and agree that additional support is worthwhile. Without the teenager's buy-in, the tutoring experience may not be as effective.

What do you suggest if a teenager is not engaged or not up for tutoring?

If a teenager is not engaged or not up for tutoring, it might not be worthwhile to invest in it. However, some students may not connect well with certain teachers at school, and having a fresh pair of eyes with no history can make a difference. I encourage parents to explore different options and consider a tutor who might establish a positive connection with the teenager.

What subjects does Explore Learning focus on, and why did they choose these subjects?

Explore Learning focuses on maths and English. These subjects provide a strong foundation, opening up the world of learning. A solid understanding of reading, writing, and basic numeracy is crucial for success in other subjects, making maths and English a core foundation.

What is the process of matching students with tutors at Explore Learning, and what factors are considered in making these matches?

They take into account the individual child's needs, special education needs, interests, and energy levels. The process involves an initial conversation and a free trial session where the child's needs are discussed. The managers at Explore Learning know their tutors well and allocate the tutor they believe will fit best. There is continuous feedback and support for both tutors and students.

How are Special Educational Needs (SEN) and individualised learning managed at Explore Learning?

Explore Learning approaches each child as an individual, considering their unique needs. The curriculum used at Explore Learning is a smart learning tool that adapts to the student's answers, providing immediate feedback and personalised learning experiences. Explore Learning work with many children with varying needs, including dyslexia, autism, and dyscalculia.

How does Explore Learning support students who are homeschooled?

Explore Learning offers individualised programs that adapt to each child's learning style, providing a personalised and supportive learning environment.

What are the benefits of Explore Learning's approach?

Explore Learning's approach differs from teaching in groups or by age or ability. Instead, we take each child as an individual, adapting to their current pace.

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