Whether you’re a university student looking to get some work experience while studying or looking to supplement your income while making a huge difference in children's lives, tutoring could be an amazing opportunity for you. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of part-time tutor jobs.

The convenience of tutor jobs

Let’s be realistic, we all have busy schedules - whether that’s due to studying, other work or childcare commitments it can be difficult to fit everything in. So you may find yourself asking, do I have the time for a tutor job? 

One of the great benefits of being a part-time tutor is how easily you can fit it around your own schedule. Tutor jobs, particularly with a tuition provider like Explore Learning, are convenient because you can work in the afternoons and weekends with regular shifts that can be timed around your commitments. This means you get a really healthy work-life balance, so you can focus on your other goals, responsibilities and rest. 

With the convenience and consistency of a part-time tutor job, you can inspire children to be fearless learners in the evenings and during the weekends too, while still having plenty of freedom to pursue your other goals.

Part-time tutoring jobs pair perfectly with studying

We know that when you’re a student one of the biggest challenges can be time management, especially when part-time jobs are involved. The unpredictability of shift work in things like retail can be difficult to fit around lessons and lectures, making a consistent study routine difficult to achieve.

A part-time tutoring job is perfect if you’re a student looking for some work experience and some extra income. If you choose to go down the freelance tutor route, you can fully set your own hours and availability, but you will need to market yourself to find your own students. 

On the other hand, you could get a tutor job with a tuition provider. With Explore Learning you’ll have a consistent tutoring schedule, making it much easier to fit in alongside your studies. As an established tuition provider we have plenty of tutees ready for you to inspire, so you won’t need to worry about finding your own students.

Gain valuable teaching experience

A tutor job can be invaluable teaching experience. While Explore Learning doesn’t require you to have a teaching qualification to become a tutor, we welcome anyone training to be a teacher. 

There are, of course, quite a few similarities between teaching and tutoring. Whether you choose to tutor in person or go for an online tuition job, you’ll be working directly with children, understanding how they learn and how you can best deliver the curriculum in a way that makes sense to them. 

With a part-time tutoring job you’ll quickly learn that every child has a different style of learning that’ll put your skills to the test. When you overcome those learning challenges together you’ll get an unmatched sense of accomplishment, and invaluable teaching experience. 

You may even learn that you want to take your career in a different direction. Perhaps becoming a tuition centre manager will be a route for you?

Tutor jobs can improve communication skills

For almost any job communication skills are invaluable, and tutor jobs are no different. You’ll need to learn how to communicate effectively with students of different ages and skill levels, all facing different challenges in their education. You’ll also be discussing children’s progress with their parents or guardians, providing constructive feedback and talking about their next steps.

This may sound like a lot, but when you work with Explore Learning our expert tuition centre managers are there to support you. We’re here to help you unlock the potential to be a brilliant tutor, so over time you’ll develop amazing communication skills.

Children can be very honest and if they’re struggling to understand, they’ll let you know. So you can work collaboratively with them, and learn how to communicate what you know in a way that makes sense to them. From there you can enjoy one of the best benefits of a tutor job - watching them get excited about learning.

Our approach: tutor jobs with Explore Learning

If you’re looking to make a start in your career as a tutor, whether you’re a student or just looking to supplement your income, Explore Learning is an amazing place to start. 

Unlocking the joy of learning as a tutor

Encouraging children to enjoy learning is one of the key parts of a tutor job. With consistent tutor shift patterns, you’ll be seeing the same students a lot during your time with Explore Learning. That means you can really get to know every child you work with and find out the best way to unlock the joy of learning for them. 

Support every step of the way

In a tutor job with Explore Learning you’ll benefit from our support throughout your journey as tutor - we’re committed to your growth with training and development to ensure you’re ready to take on the challenge of inspiring the next generation of learners. As an added bonus, all of your time spent training with us will be paid for. 

Progression in tuition centre management

As part of our commitment to your development, we recognise that sometimes circumstances change. You may want to move on from a part-time tuition job into a full-time role. Every year many of our managerial roles are filled by current and previous Explore Learning tutors. We have a diverse range of options to progress your career with Explore Learning, from tuition centre manager roles to head office roles

Providing the tools you need

With our smart learning tool you won’t need to worry about making a lesson plan ahead of every tuition session or marking work afterwards. Instead, you can focus on supporting your students when they need it, building a strong tutor and student relationship to help them unlock the joys of learning. 

Become a part-time tutor with Explore Learning

If you’re ready to take the first step to becoming a tutor, we’re ready to support you. We’ll ensure that you’ve always got students available to tutor without having to worry about marketing yourself, planning lessons or marking work. Instead you can focus on getting to know our students and inspiring them to unlock the joy of learning. 

Take a look through our available tutor positions. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Are you ready to influence the next generation of fearless learners?

Sunday Times 25 Best Big Companies to work for 2019

Glassdoor 2018 Best Places to Work

Target Jobs UK 300 Top Employer 2022/23

Sunday Times 25 Best Big Companies to work for 2019

Glassdoor 2018 Best Places to Work

Target Jobs UK 300 Top Employer 2022/23

Sunday Times 25 Best Big Companies to work for 2019

Glassdoor 2018 Best Places to Work

Target Jobs UK 300 Top Employer 2022/23

Part-time tutor jobs frequently asked questions

Do I need teaching experience to do a tutor job?

No, you don’t need any teaching experience or teaching qualification to become a tutor - at Explore Learning we provide fantastic training to set you up with the skills and knowledge you need to be a successful tutor. We only ask that you achieved grades 6 or above in maths and English at GCSE (or an equivalent grade and qualification), have the right to work in the UK and will be living in the UK for the duration of your employment and be able to commit to a minimum of 6 hours per week within our opening hours. You must also be 16 years old to work with us as a tutor.

Which subjects can I cover with a part-time tuition job?

The most common subjects children need tuition for are maths and English. As a tutor with Explore Learning, you’ll be covering maths and English, as well as Entrance Exam and 11 Plus tuition with children aged 4 to 14.

Can I choose my own schedule with a part-time tuition job?

We ask our tutors to provide availability across 3 days with tuition shifts starting at 15:30 and a guarantee of 6 hours a week of tuition sessions, so you can choose the days that best suit your schedule.

Is a part-time tutor job suitable for college or university students?

Part-time tutor jobs are perfect for college, sixth form and university students that are looking to commit to a role while they study, rather than a summer job. Tuition jobs are a perfect way to gain experience, improve communication skills and supplement their income while they study. Thanks to the consistency of our tuition hours you can easily organise your tuition shifts around your studying.

How can I find part-time tutor jobs near me?

If you’re looking to tutor in-centre, Explore Learning has centres across the UK with part-time tutor jobs available. We also have online tutor jobs available if you aren’t near one of our centres.

What age and ability groups can I tutor as a part-time tutor?

With a tuition job you’ll be teaching a wide variety of age and ability groups. Explore Learning offers tuition to children aged 4 to 14, including children with special educational needs. Unlike a teacher in a classroom, you’ll be tutoring groups of 6 children at a time, each with individualised learning programmes to match their level of study and ability. So it’s important to be ready to change up your style of teaching to best support the student your currently working with.

Can I tutor online or do I need to meet students in person?

Yes you can tutor online! If you’re studying and find tutoring in-centre difficult to fit into your schedule, we have online tutoring jobs for students available. Please note that to become an online tutor with Explore Learning you’ll need to be able to provide your laptop or PC with a webcam and have a stable internet connection with a minimum of 5mbps upload speed.

What are the challenges that come with tutor jobs?

Tutor jobs offer flexibility and can be very rewarding, but there are some challenges. Time management, adapting to different learning styles and skill levels, maintaining subject knowledge and motivating students can all be challenges as a tutor. But with a good amount of dedication and passion, you can help children unlock the joy of learning by understanding their individual learning needs.

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