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  Preparing for your Assistant Director interview

How can I prepare for my interview?

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Browse our website for lots of info about our service, and how our leadership roles work to help deliver this!
It’s also good to check your journey time to your chosen centre (if relevant) – it’s a good idea to work out how long it would take you to get to the centre, and how you would plan to travel there. If you are unable to bring your photo ID, don’t worry – just let your interviewer know when you meet them for your interview

What will my responsibilities be?

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Providing outstanding service – This is the beating heart of our business. You’ll build strong relationships with the families that use Explore; whether in a parent’s meeting, or while tutoring your members.
Leading an incredible team – We’re all in it together at Explore, and as a manager you’ll be training and developing a top class tutor team.
Growing your centre – As an ambassador for Explore, you’ll be telling people about our service, building meaningful, trusted relationships with your local community, and looking after business operations
Delivering top quality education – You’ll impact children’s learning everyday, not only in their core maths and English, but in nurturing the skills and attitudes to develop fearless learners.

How much time will I spend working with children?

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Being an Assistant Director is all about getting stuck in and being exceptionally hands on as a manager. You will be a first class tutor and role model this to your team, meaning you’ll spend part of every single day working with children in some capacity, while also getting stuck into the other areas of the role such as sales, leadership and customer service.

Can I relocate in the future?

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As you progress, there may be the opportunity to move to a different centre.

What will my hours be?

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Our Assistant Directors typically work 11am-8pm Tuesdays to Fridays and 9am-6pm on Saturdays. We remain open during school holidays, when your working hours may be slightly different. There are also some regional variations to our opening hours.

What if there isn’t a vacancy in my preferred location after I interview?

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We update our vacancies regularly, so it may be that whilst you’re successful, we don’t have an immediate vacancy for you. However we will let you know once becomes available in your preferred location.

How many staff work in each centre?

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Our centres typically have a leadership team of one Centre Director, one Assistant Director and a team of 15-30 part-time tutors, depending on the number of members that attend the centre.

What if I am having trouble submitting my application?

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If you are having technical difficulties during the application submission, use the help section on application system, or email [email protected]

If you are having technical difficulties during your video interview, visit: launchpadrecruits

For all other queries, you can email [email protected] with as much detail about your issue as possible.


What is the Assistant Director Salary?

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Our starting salary for Assistant Directors is £23,000. You’ll get an additional £3,500 if you work within the M25, or an additional £1,000 if the centre is within 10 miles of the M25.

How will I be trained?

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We take a holistic approach to Learning & Development at Explore. We believe you have an individualised set of
strengths and development needs, and you will be taking a lead in choosing the learning opportunities that
support and enhance these. We put an emphasis on on-the-job application, social learning, and reflection but
there is also a whole host of formalised learning opportunities ranging from Virtual Classroom courses to Action
Learning Sets.

How do I get my DBS/PVG?

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During your interview, we will ask to verify your ID – this is so that if you’re successful in securing a role with us,
we can begin the steps to applying for your DBS (England and Wales) or PVG (Scotland). Explore Learning will
pay for this form, and you will receive a hard copy of this form to your home address. Please let your interviewer
know if you are on the update service, as this could speed up the processing in getting your certificate.

  Preparing for your tutor interview

What will a typical week as a tutor look like?

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In one word – varied! You should expect to be working with a number of wonderful children between the ages of 4 and 14 – some of your sessions will be delivered one-to-one online, some might be delivered to a group of children working on different topics, and you may even bring an exciting workshop to life to a lively bunch of budding learners. Whilst the sessions are unique, one thing is for certain – you’ll do more than teach. You’ll nurture, support and inspire each child along a pathway of possibility.

What will I be teaching?

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We will provide you access to an amazing array of resources and tools to help you engage your members, and each child’s course is ready made – so there is no preparation or marking. However, the way each child receives tuition is down to you – your role is to show confidence and enthusiasm in delivering both the maths and English school curriculum. If you need to scrub up on your knowledge, you’ll have the opportunity for some self-study time so you feel ready to teach any child who joins.

Can I tutor if i'm abroad?

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Due to a number of factors including tax implications, background checks and employment legislation differences, we are not able to have tutors working for Explore Learning outside of the UK.

Can I work at more than one centre or tutor in a centre and online?

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You will normally either work for one of our of our centres where you will provide a mix of online and in-person tuition, or work for our virtual branch, Explore at Home, where your tuition will always be delivered remotely. In some instances, tutors work at more than one centre depending on their circumstances, for example during university holidays.

How many hours will I be working?

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Your contract has a minimum of 6 hours per week – this means you will work at least 2 shifts every week, however most of our tutors work between 10-12 hours. You can let us know in advance the hours you are available to work, and depending on the availability you provide, you will be offered the same/similar shifts each week.

The number of hours you work will depend on this too. Our membership can fluctuate – so working hours can change, depending on customer demand and your availability.

Can I transfer centres?

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Yes; if you are moving areas and would like to work at a different centre, you should speak to your centre managers who will help facilitate a transfer for you, if the new centre has available shifts. Your transfer will also be subject to your current performance as a tutor.

How will I deliver my sessions?

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This will depend on your preferences, availability and the families you work with. Many of our tutors deliver a mixture of incentre sessions, and online sessions from home using their own device; if you don’t live near a centre, you will be assigned to one of our virtual centres to deliver all of your sessions online to families up and down the country

What equipment do I need to become an online tutor?

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To access our learning platform, you’ll need your own computer/laptop with a functioning webcam. A tablet could also be used depending on functionality.

What does a child's session involve?

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If you’re working inside one of our vibrant centres, you’ll be managing a group of up to six children at a time, in one-hour slots. Each child will work through their own tailored programme, and you will share your time and energy equally amongst your group, supporting them when they need help, and facilitating and encouraging independent learning habits too. If you’re delivering a session online remotely, you’ll either spend 1 hour slots working with a child one-to-one, or you may deliver individual tuition to groups of up to 3 children. To deliver online sessions, you will need to have access to your own laptop/computer, headphones, a microphone and secure access to the internet. In addition, we also deliver online and in-centre workshops to same ability groups, covering creative writing, 11plus, or phonics! So you’ll have plenty of interesting sessions to bring to life!

How are shifts allocated?

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Shifts are allocated by looking at a tutor’s availability and how this matches up to the available shifts of the centre. Your interviewer will ask you how many shifts you would like to work a week, and what your availability would be on a typical week, so before your interview have a think about how tutoring will fit in with your other commitments.

How much do tutors get paid?

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Your starting hourly pay will be:

Aged 17 – £5.65

Aged 18-20 – £6.75

Aged 21-22 – £8.50

Aged 23+ – £9.00

Add an additional 50p per hour if you will be working at a centre inside the M25. 

As an employee you will also be eligible for sick pay and holiday pay. Holiday pay is calculated and paid monthly, depending on the number of hours you have worked.

What will my training look like?

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This role is fast-paced, and varied, and your induction training and development pathway will match! To hit the ground running, you’ll complete 12-14 hours of induction, which for most tutors runs across a 7-10 day period. This involves a combination of independent learning to develop your knowledge, observations & coaching sessions with your manager to help you to develop skill, and online group sessions which will bring you together with other new starters to share experiences and learning. Your ongoing development is incredibly important to us, and you will continue to learn through experience and support from your team as you progress in the role! Some of our tutors join our Future Leaders Pathway to become managers and leaders in the business.

How do I get my DBS/PVG?

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During your interview, we will verify your ID – this is so that if you’re successful in securing a role with us, we can begin the steps to applying for your DBS (England and Wales) or PVG (Scotland). Explore Learning will pay for this form, and you will receive a hard copy of this form to your home address. Please let your interviewer know if you are on the update service, as this could speed up the processing in getting your certificate.

What if my chosen centre has no shifts available?

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If you are successful after your final interview but your availability does not match up with the current needs of the centre, you will join our Talent Community until the centre have shifts to offer that match your availability. In your interview we will have the most up to date information and will be able to discuss any other centres in your area that currently have tutoring hours available. You can also be kept on the Talent Community for more than one centre, so before your interview use the ‘find a centre’ tool on our website to enter your postcode and find out if there are any other centres that you would be able to get to. You can also select to work as an online tutor if you would be happy to work online as part of our Explore at Home team.


I’m interested in progressing with Explore Learning, either into a full time manager role, into your Head Office in Guildford or remotely

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We’re thrilled you’re interested in working with us. If you’re a tutor looking to progress to become a manager, you can find out more about becoming a Future Leader here!

You can also visit our vacancies to view and apply for roles we are currently hiring for.

Is it possible to buy an Explore Learning franchise?

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Explore Learning do not offer franchise opportunities. We directly recruit and train all of our staff to run our centres.