Meet Elise Goulding

Assistant Director

Like many undergraduates I never knew exactly what I wanted to do after university; I knew I wanted to work with children but didn’t know in which specific aspect. Mid-way through my final year studying Events Management, where the pressure of deciding on a future career was rapidly increasing, I came across Explore Learning on the graduate-jobs website. I was immediately interested in the diverse nature of the role and what it offered; the sheer level of responsibility from day one is a great opportunity and one which I’ve never regretted grasping with both hands.

Following a successful interview I loved the fact I was able to defer my start date and return from my 3 months teaching in Thailand to a guaranteed job, a benefit everyone else was jealous of! I started as an Assistant Director in the Swindon centre and was lucky enough to be a part of the centre growing to its peak reaching capacity numbers. I was also extremely fortunate to be a part of a close, dedicated team where work was made fun and enjoyable: the team’s hard work was consequently rewarded in winning a quarterly competition to The Big Apple! Not many companies would give you such an amazing opportunity as a holiday in New York to strive towards! (It certainly motivated us!)

A year after starting with Explore, having managed and gained confidence in the numerous roles, for example, finance, marketing, school’s programme, recruitment, I then had the opportunity to take the next step to CD development. The role enables growth of experience on a daily basis of which is invaluable covering different fields and utilising various skills. From gaining management experience as an AD I was thereafter excited to be offered to become Centre Director of the Bradley Stoke centre in Bristol. The opportunity of development within the company is ever growing and I hope to continue to grow within the company all the way up to Head Office in future years.

Explore Learning enables me to not only develop myself from a business point of view in running my own centre with my team but also working with a large ability and age range of children to see them increase both academic knowledge and social confidence. The role enables me to get to know the families as individuals and being able to tailor how we can help and support each of them seeing Explore as a fun, learning environment. The best bit….no day is ever the same! There will always be challenges managing your own centre, nevertheless, there will always be support ready at hand. Seeing your centre prosper and hitting all targets is so rewarding giving you something different to aim for monthly and conquer as part of a strong, united team!

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