Meet Emily Butcher

Head Office

Having graduated from University of Portsmouth with a BA (hons) in Creative Arts and Media studies, I was considering a career in teaching as I had always worked with children running play schemes, teaching horse riding and volunteering in schools. Whilst studying I also gained a lot of customer service experience and completed a placement with my local radio station which gave me a taste for sales and promotion. When looking for different career opportunities, Explore Learning jumped out at me as I had never seen a job role where I could utilise all of the skills that I’d developed and combine my passion for teaching whilst staying in a commercial environment.

After a speedy recruitment process, I started working in Camberley which was running at capacity with 370 children using the centre on a weekly basis! I jumped straight in as a manager taking on various responsibilities from day one with lots of support from my team.  I received lots of training both on the job and when visiting the Guildford Office getting to meet other Assistant Directors who started around the same time as I did. It was great not only to learn from their experiences but to also make friends with likeminded people across the country and it helped to create the family culture that resonates throughout the company.

The AD role was challenging but extremely rewarding, I always knew that I would love working with the children but I was surprised by how much I loved growing my own business. After a year I was promoted to Centre Director and had the exciting opportunity to launch a centre in Bournemouth from scratch. It was hard work establishing our reputation in a new location but our membership quickly grew and we won an all-expenses paid trip to Lisbon, Portugal in a company-wide competition. This role introduced me to new challenges as my responsibilities were less task orientated, and became more focussed on training and developing my staff to support them and their career development.

After successfully grown my centre in Bournemouth to a profitable and sustainable business, I successfully applied for a specialist role within the Head Office in the HR department.  Whilst working in a centre I had realised that my strengths and passion lay in people development so I joined the recruitment team helping the company to grow on a larger scale and meet our vision of having the ‘Best Staff’. My role started by being the first point of contact for all applicants, answering questions, screening applications, interviewing and visiting universities around the country.   As my department has grown I have taken on a more strategic role developing marketing methods, assessment techniques and newer members of the team. Even after 8 years of working for Explore I am still developing new skills and love working with such amazing people!

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