Meet Harriet Fox

Assistant Director

A career with Explore Learning appealed to me as soon as I read about it on the website; I loved the amount of responsibility and management experience it would provide, whilst allowing me to work with children every day. Upon meeting a number of members at my first interview and seeing the fantastic work they do with the tutor team, I knew that Explore Learning was something I wanted to be part of. The team’s passion for the role was evident and I immediately believed in the company’s vision and values.


I began as an Assistant Director in Bristol before being offered to launch Cardiff as Centre Director in 2016. From my first day as an AD, where I was given responsibilities such as schools co-ordinator and internal marketing manager, the focus on staff development and continual feedback was evident. I received daily feedback on how I was doing, which I was encouraged to record online to ensure that I was implementing actions and taking responsibility for my own development. Becoming a CD has brought new challenges as I develop the skills of my own team, whilst continuing to go on more advanced Head Office trainings and gain regular feedback from our Regional Manager. Each day is an opportunity for me to develop my skills further; to adapt what I have learnt and to share this with others.

Customer centred

By regularly assessing the children’s progress against the curriculum and training the tutors, my interests in education and business are combined and balanced. I’m constantly furthering my own knowledge in an area I’m passionate about as we keep up to date with curriculum changes and the latest methods that schools are using. In addition to helping the children with their maths and English, I love seeing them develop socially into more confident young people who are inspired and motivated by their learning.


As schools co-ordinator during my time in Bristol, I met with Head Teachers to increase the number of workshops and competitions we were holding in the area. By building a strong community programme with local schools, libraries and community groups, I’m constantly meeting new people and developing contacts with local organisations to build our reputation as academic professionals. This has been crucial to launching a centre in Cardiff, where I have had the opportunity to plan and deliver a marketing strategy to increase our brand awareness in a new city.


Whilst attempting to describe an ‘average’ day with Explore is impossible due to the huge variety of centre roles and responsibilities, driving the centre’s performance is at the core of being both an Assistant Director and Centre Director. Our member number targets are set from Head Office on a monthly basis to ensure that, as a business, we are always growing. From my time as an AD, I’ve been constantly encouraged to problem solve and use initiative to drive targets and implement alternative strategies relating to both retaining our current members and signing up potential families. As a CD, I look forward to holding and running regular weekly meetings with the team where we discuss all elements of running our own business; from parent feedback to financial budgets and targets.


Whilst there is a regular focus on data analysis and targets, this is balanced with a real sense of teamwork and family. Each centre is unique, as we have the autonomy to be masters of our own centre and to tailor it to the needs of the local community. Each day I look forward to building closer relationships with our families so that we can be continually tailoring and improving the centre in line with feedback from both parents and children. Whether it’s through holding a parent’s meeting, a trial session or tutoring, developing close bonds and getting to know the families on an individual level is at the heart of the role.

My career with Explore Learning requires determination, adaptability and resilience as I strive for our tuition centre to deliver the best in education, staff and service. The opportunities are endless; whether it is taking over a successful centre and implementing new ideas or launching a centre and seeing it grow from your very first member. Yet what remains the same; regardless of which centre you work in, are the fantastic members and families that you get to know along the way and the genuine difference we make to each child’s development.


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