Meet Isha Sharma

Part Time Tutor

I stumbled upon Explore Learning whilst shopping in Sainsburys and applied straight away.  After having a successful interview I was offered the role of Tutor in the Northampton branch. There was a lot of responsibility from the start, as well as high expectations. However, with support from my managers and my induction trainings I was able to master the role and progressively I found myself handling the centre really well. My managers suggested a few ways for me to boost performance and deliver a high-quality service for our members. After 7 to 8 months I was given the responsibility to become a Compere which involves managing “showtime”, signing children in and out for their sessions, making sure that every child is being tutored on time, booking parents meeting for the managers and furthermore booking trials too!  Gradually, this led me to have a great understanding and knowledge about how Explore works as a business.

I’ve developed a broad understanding of business operations including customer service, communication, information technology and business strategies, I have also gained invaluable experience learning how to interact with people of all ages. Working with Explore has given me experience in how to deal with issues that arise and I’ve learnt how to problem solve within our team. I can really see myself having my own business one day in the future and I’ll be able to use all of the skills which I have gained from working for Explore Learning and furthermore, I will be able to expand on it!

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