Meet Jonny Simmons

Assistant Director

I started as an AD after hearing about Explore from graduate-jobs.com I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I knew it wasn’t a desk job! After Uni I was a retail manager and then went and taught in France, I got really excited by the variety and responsibility that I’d get as an AD.

It’s been a massive learning curve so far and I’ve had to get used to being thrown in at the deep end and taking on lots of feedback which I hadn’t been used to before, but I can see myself improving and I’m keen to have an impact running my own centre as a Centre Director one day!”

Jonny completed his degree in French and Music at Southampton Uni. He didn’t hop straight into a graduate role after University and instead carried on as a sales manager at his part time job in retail that he’d had throughout University before embarking upon a position in France teaching English.

After a year abroad Jonny knew that he should be thinking about coming home to take on a ‘proper job’ and began researching on graduate-jobs.com using their search facility to hone what he was interested in. He was quick to secure his job offer, returning to the UK in December 2014 he was able to start in January 2015.

Despite working in London Jonny has just bought a flat in his hometown of Southampton and is keen long term to become a Centre Director, hopefully somewhere close to home, for now he’s happy in London and enjoying being in a cluster of centres and being able to socialise a lot with his region.

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