Meet Matthew Collins

Part Time Tutor

Hi! My name is Matthew Phillip Collins, my current role at Explore Learning is as a Tutor, and I’ve been at the Farnham centre for roughly a year and a half.

From my very first encounter it was clear that Explore Learning was a brilliant place to work. The Assistant Directors were incredibly helpful, the tutors seemed very engaged, and the children were really enjoying themselves. It didn’t take me long to email my CV across and apply for the role!

Before Explore Learning, I’d quite a varied career, however there are two positions that stand out the most: For a short while I worked with young adults with learning difficulties and for roughly a year as a teaching assistant. Having previous experience with children really helped me adapt to the tutor role.

Each and every day at explore is extremely varied! I usually get into work at around 3pm. After saying hello to the Directors and my fellow tutors, I’m told whether I’ll be tutoring the children, helping them in surf club, or giving feedback to the parents at the gate. As an additional content tutor (tutors that hold weekly workshops), I’m also tasked with organising lessons and delivering them to a specific group of children, which in my case is preparing them for secondary school.

There are so many things I love about working for Explore, but my favourite has to be the bonds you make with the children. There’s no better feeling than when one of the children you regularly see asks to work specifically with you. One particular moment that stands out was hearing all the nice things the children had said about the tutors when they were voting for Tutor of The Year Awards.

Part of what makes working for Explore Learning fun is the challenges that you face. There will be children with difficulties at home, and those with behavioural issues who will need that extra push! It is very rewarding when you managed to find a behavioural technique that helps a child have a fantastic session, and that also allows you to bond with that child more.

Working for Explore Learning has been a fantastic experience so far. Not only has it help me become a much more confident person, it’s greatly improved my ability to handle multiple responsibilities at once. I’ve met some fantastic people who I hope to remain friends with far into the future, and built bond with some truly amazing children. I would recommend Explore Learning to anyone who enjoys working with children, is a team player, and has the energy to provide a high standard of tuition for hours at a time.

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