WANTED: Story writers from far and near
to help us collaboratively write the
adventure of the year!

Help wildlife television presenter, Steve Backshall, shape a story with our collaborative Create Your Own Adventure creative writing activity; have a say as to where the tale will turn every Friday, as the next chapter is revealed!

Write the next chapter of our story and you could be chosen to have it read aloud by Steve himself!



Photo Credit – Martin Hartley

What you need to do:

Watch Steve’s latest

He will read the latest
chapter of the story
every Friday.

Write the next chapter
using 100 words or less

Make sure you leave it on
a cliff hanger for the next
person to continue the story!

Submit your

Use the form below to
submit your chapter.

Steve will select his favourite
chapter to read aloud

The story so far…

Friday 7th August
Chapter One


“They peeled back the pages, ripped, tattered and stained.
It was an old map; the symbols scrawled on its sheets told of a distant
faraway place they had never even heard of.
They were ready to start their journey when suddenly…”

Now it’s your chance to tell us what you think should happen next!

  • Give us your ideas as to where the story goes next...

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