English Tutors

Build Confidence with Expert English Tuition


Mapped to the school English curriculum, our tutors are experts in supporting children aged 4-14 with: 

Comprehension skills
Literacy – spelling, grammar and punctuation
Vocabulary building
Reading and writing development



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Our English programs

Whether you’re looking for our English tutors to reinforce foundations, introduce new skills, foster curiosity, or ignite imagination, you’ve come to the right place!

Supporting them with every step they take towards their goals, our primary, secondary, and 11 Plus tutors are here to keep your child on track. Also, our bespoke learning tool guarantees to challenge our students at their own pace and our innovative logic engine regularly assesses them to ensure they are meeting their individual goals.


Some things we want you to know about us:


We believe in limitless learning and we’re dedicated to finding the perfect learning solution for each of our students


We understand that not one-size fits all. So, we’ve tailored bespoke English lessons for our students.


We cover all aspects of English while allowing students to learn English at their own pace.

Primary English tutors

Whether you’re looking to reinforce foundations, encourage a love of reading or keep them challenged, our expert tutors are on hand to ignite your child’s imagination.

  • Phonics tuition
  • Reading fluency
  • Handwriting & Spelling
  • Vocabulary, Punctuation & Grammar
  • Comprehension
  • Confidence and character building

Secondary English tutors

We support your child with every step they take towards their goals in Secondary school. Building a bank of techniques, your child will develop a range of elite skills needed to prepare them for their GCSE English destination.

  • Motivation
  • Role model tutors
  • Research and essay skills
  • Language and linguistics
  • Comprehension analysis

11 Plus English tutors

For those taking grammar school examinations, entrance tests or seeking a challenge, our 11 Plus Tuition Course is designed to give children the exam techniques and etiquette they need to succeed in secondary school and beyond.

  • Interpreting texts
  • Acquiring a greater vocabulary
  • Exam technique
  • Literacy comprehension
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Preparing for maths and English exams



What does the Explore English tuition programme cover?

Reading and

Your child will be able to develop their English reading and writing skills whilst having fun along the way!

English language and
English literature

Our members are supported by our tutors to be certain that every piece of work they submit is exemplary.

How English tuition at Explore Learning works



Face-to-face English tutors

Our UK wide tuition centres are designed to offer engaging teaching experiences.

For those children who benefit from socialising with other children and being in a classroom environment, our learning centres offer the perfect solution.

Our centres in England are Ofsted registered.



Online English tuition

Flexible virtual tutoring with group, one-to-one, or bespoke English learning options.

Your online English tutor will teach your child from the comfort of your own home, supporting them to strengthen their ability and work towards their individual goals.

All of our Tutors are enhanced DBS checked.



Sounds like a good fit?


Finding the perfect English tutor


You don’t have to worry about finding the right tutor for your child, because we are committed to pairing your child up with the perfect English tutor for them.

Our tutors are trained to meet every student’s needs, no matter what they are.


Our English tutors are:

Enhanced DBS checked
Trained by our in-house experts


Meet our experienced English tutors

Meet our English tutor Dani

I really enjoy being able to follow the weekly progress of each of my members. I especially love teaching English as I can help build their skills and techniques but also get creative and have fun!

It’s lovely to see so many members grow in confidence, even in an online setting. I also the Creative Writing course, where members can share their ideas with each other and it’s always exciting to see how inventive they can get!

Meet our English tutor Caroline

Being able to share a love of reading with children is amazing. The way in which children read can be so full of expression and humour; some children simply light up when they read.

But it’s not just those reading moments I love. I also love the ‘ah-ha’ moments when a struggling reader begins to recognise spelling patterns or tricky words, gaining more confidence in an area that is hard to master.

Our members tell our story



How to help your child with English

You don’t always need to set aside study time. There are plenty of day-to-day activities that you can pop into your usual routine to support your child!

Word of the day

Over breakfast or on the school run, introduce a new word to your child to broaden their vocabulary. Your challenge is to both use this word in a sentence throughout the day!


Whether it’s getting your child to read aloud a story they’ve written, or settling down with their favourite book, encourage your child to read a chapter a night to you, while you’re making dinner.

Use our English resources

Our members have a wealth of English resources at their fingertips, which cover comprehension, reading and writing. No need to search for the right activities for your child, just log in to get started!

Real-time feedback

Explore Learning members will receive feedback during every session to help strengthen their English skills. We advise you to use this feedback to frame what English you focus on during the week.


Check out our blog for more ideas on how to get your child to write and engage at home.


English tutoring resources


Looking for free resources to support your child with their English?

Find free activity sheets and more here!


Frequently asked questions
about our English tuition


What is an English tutor?

English tutors are English language educators who are passionate about children’s education and teaching. Our friendly and reliable tutors are well-versed in the national English programme and have experience teaching English to children of all ages.



How much do English tutors cost?

We offer various types of memberships because we know that it is never one-size fits all. You can pick the membership that suits your family and child best from the ones we offer. Our memberships start at £99 per month.

Find online membership prices and centre membership prices here.



Is an English tutor worth it?

We’re probably biased when we say, absolutely yes! Children often need extra support to help them work
at their own pace, become more confident with the curriculum, and expand their knowledge. Our private English tutors and our bespoke learning tools cater to multiple learning styles to meet every child’s needs, no matter what they are. Take a look at our learning platform to learn more about the type of learning we offer.



Where can I find an online English tutor?

Explore Learning provides access to online English tutors for primary school and secondary school. You won’t have to worry about searching for a degree-level private tutor, because we are committed to pairing you up with the right tutor for your child. You can book a free trial with one of our great tutors to find out more about how the online lessons work.



How many hours of English tutoring are recommended?

It’s hard to say a definite number because every child’s needs are different. This is why Explore Learning offers a variety of membership packages to suit your needs. You can book a free trial to discuss the number of hours your child may need, the type of support you’re looking for, and to ask any questions you may have to our wonderful team.

How do I choose a tutor?

After speaking with our team during the free session, you will be paired with one of our highly experienced English tutors.

At Explore, we employ passionate educators and extraordinary role models. In order to provide an award-winning tutoring experience; all of our tutors are academic achievers from a diverse range of backgrounds. What they have in common is a resilient commitment to education, exceptional communications skills, and inspiring personalities.



How to find the best English tuition for children

We stand for so much more than just English tuition.
Our mission is to change children’s lives by nurturing the skills and attitudes to become fearless learners – our members will thrive in their education and beyond.

Our English tutors support with:

  • Boosting Reading and Writing
  • Understanding the English Curriculum
  • Building Confidence



What age should you start English tutoring?

We don’t believe in the words too early or too late. There’s always a new start for every child no matter their age. Children are welcome to start their Explore journeys anytime from ages 4-14. No matter their age, we ensure that they have a curriculum that encourages them to push themselves out of their comfort zones and learn fearlessly.



Find an English tutor near you

Interested to get started in one of our in-person tuition centres? Find English tutors near you using our interactive map.


Book your free trial

We know that there’s nothing like speaking to a person to answer any questions. 

This is why you can book a free trial to check out how the process works, meet the team, and discuss your child’s maths and English needs.