What our members say!

Across the UK, thousands of children have joined Explore Learning.  We are proud to have so many great testimonials from our members demonstrating the benefits that Explore can bring.

It Explore Learning helps me keep up with my class and sometimes puts me ahead. My favourite thing is the way it is so easy to get assistance.

Aisling, Age 9 

Explore is a lovely and fun place to learn.  It has helped me a lot and I really love coming here and seeing all the tutors ready to help me.


Hira, Age 12

They help me to answer questions quickly. It helps me with my comprehension and my negative numbers. My favourite thing about Explore is getting to write poetry and getting Lizard Cards to swap for things from the prize cupboard.

Michelle Lee, Age 12 

[Explore] makes you even more clever. It gives you good ideas when you are writing stories and helps you get better at maths and English. My favourite bit is Creative Writing because I enjoy it and it helps you at English.  Most of the work we do at school we do here too.

Tayyab Hasam, Age 9 

Explore Learning is the best because at school they teach the same stuff and it makes it so easy. The teachers in Explore Learning are funny, kind and friendly…it is wonderful there!

Shanjika, Age 9 

It [Explore Learning] goes over things till you get used it and after that it produces new things and it gets harder. My favourite thing is how they show you new things all the time.

Olivia Geary, Age 10

My favourite thing about Explore is the work because I have never done maths and literacy on the computer before!


Owais, Age 9

Explore Learning sets challenges which I sometimes have not covered at school, therefore it broadens my knowledge.


Sami, Age 11

I love when I get my certificate because I am made to feel special.


Hannah, Age 7

One of our favourite things about Explore Learning is the tutors.  Whenever we are stuck on something they are always there to help.  Coming to Explore Learning is a fun and exciting way of learning.


Rathuson, Aged 12, and Sounthariya, Aged 13

I like going to Explore and it has helped me at school. I used to hate maths but now I like it. The tutors make the work really fun for me..I don’t have a favourite tutor because they are all my favourite!

Sirinya, Age 12

I find the stories really exciting, and I feel more confident about reading. The tutors are very nice. I look forward to doing work when I go to Explore, it makes you learn stuff and it’s fun working with the tutors.


Bethany, Aged 8

Explore boosts my confidence, and it helps me with my SATs work.

Joshua, Age 10

Explore Learning helps me to learn better at school. [My favourite thing to do] is maths because it is fun.

Lauryn, Age 5

It [Explore Learning] helps with my school work because sometimes I do something at Explore and then do it the next day at school.

Sarah, Age 10 

Explore helps me concentrate so I can get the answers right.


Ashley, 6

I love it here at Explore Learning because I have made some great friends and have done better work at school thanks to Explore.  The tutors are very helpful and really nice.

Ryan, Age 8

You get helped in a way you understand, my maths has improved which has not only helped my maths but has helped my physics too. It boosts me up in other subjects. Before I wouldn’t ask for help, I would feel scared because I don’t want to feel stupid. Now I will ask because I feel more confident. It’s great because the Explore sessions fit around my life.

Chanelle, Age 15

It [Explore Learning] helps me with school work because it makes the work easy to understand. They show me new sums I have never done before and then they show me an easy way of doing them. My favourite thing about Explore is how you meet new people who can help you and you can make new friends.


Charis Peddy, Age 9 

Explore helps me with times tables and now it’s easier at school. In reading I am on the top table!

Joseph Gibson, Age 10

It [Explore Learning] has helped me with my punctuation. The staff are funny and clever and they help you with words you don’t understand.

Liam Brown, Age 10

It helps me in English and lets me know stuff my class does not know. Everyone is so kind and makes me feel braver.

Nisanth Mahalingham, Age 10

Explore gives me lots of new things to do.  The tutors are always quick to help.  I think it is the best club in the universe!

Jamie, Age 8 

Creative Writing is my favourite thing about Explore Learning. I always work hard because the work I do with my tutor is really fun.”

Ian Mahapathirana, Age 13

I used to be shy and never put my hand up but everyone here is so nice and helpful, I am smarter than I have ever been. Everybody is so kind and they are always happy. I love Explore Learning, I will never leave!

Olivia Regis, Age 10