At the end of Key Stage 1 and 2 (years 2 and 6) your child will tackle the SATs. These are a series of National Curriculum tests designed to assess whether your child is working below, above or at the national average level for children of their age.

Whilst your child’s teacher will be continually assessing them throughout the year, the SATs results help schools to understand how they are supporting your child and ensuring good progress. They also provide you and the teachers with useful information about how your child is doing.

We support children to fearlessly tackle the SATs, building their confidence with every element of the tests and the question types they’ll face, every session.


 Practice and revision

 Develop skills

 Preparation and confidence

Get in-depth information about the Key Stage 1 assessments, including what’s covered and how they are marked.


SATs Key Stage 2 icon

Find out everything you need to know about the new style Key Stage 2 papers for English and maths.


Try our SATs quiz!

Our experts have created a range of practice questions for the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 SATs assessments to help families practicing at home understand what’s covered. Although this quiz isn’t quite the same as how we teach members in our centres, it’s a great way for your child to try out some sample question – why not have a go too? We love a bit of friendly competition!


How can Explore Learning help?

Whether your child is taking the KS1 or KS2 SATs we are committed to supporting them to tackle them fearlessly.

  Every session is supporting your child towards their SATs

Our maths and English programmes are mapped to the school curriculum, so your child will be practicing the topics and skills that they need in each and every session that they spend with us. Regular attendance to the centre, and to your parents’ meetings, help us tailor the programmes to get the best out of every session. We also have a range of practice papers written by our educational experts to help children prepare for the types of questions they’ll face in the assessments.

Coming to these meetings also means that we can recommend any additional support that you might want, whether that be coming along to a workshop or figuring out the best way to practice at home.

  Workshops for children and information for parents

We have developed a series of SATs specific workshops to help familiarise kids with the format and rigour of the tests, as well as help them practice exam and revision skills. These run in the February half term and the Easter holidays for our members. We’ve also developed a whole range of maths and English curriculum workshops which are offered to our members all year round.

For those looking for more practise on the grammar topics which have been introduced in the curriculum lately, we have also produced a workbook to practise the grammar and punctuation elements they need to know.

Furthermore, for parents, we run information sessions on the SATs and the school curriculum to help you keep abreast of any changes.

Please speak to your local Explore Learning centre to find out when these are running and how to book!

  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more advice

Our centre team are always available for questions and support, but we also publish blogs from teachers, parents and experts on social media about exams, managing stress and keeping learning fun at home – feel free to follow us on Twitter or  Facebook.

  Beyond the SATs

Remember, the SATs are fleeting but the biggest challenge your child will face is the transition up to Key Stage 2 or secondary school. We work with children all the way up to year 9, so we’re here to be a support for families during this time. Make sure that you head to one of the Succeed in Secondary open sessions to see how we can build skills that will make your child’s start in year 7 as successful as possible – developing things like teamwork, presentation and debating skills, and essay writing. There will be plenty going on in your local Explore Learning centre over summer and into the new school year to help them step fearlessly into year 7, just ask your team to find out more!

If you have any questions, just give us a call!



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