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We support children to fearlessly tackle the SATs, building their confidence with every element of the tests and the question types they’ll face, every session.


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What are the SATs?

Students will tackle the SATs at the end of Key Stage 1 and 2 (Years 2 and 6).

The SATs are a series of National Curriculum tests designed to assess your child’s level according to the national average.

The tests help schools understand how they can best support your child, ensure progress, and maintain certain levels.

What do the SATs measure?


Key Stage 1 SATs

Fast facts about SATs in KS1

  • Children taking the SATs are assessed and marked internally by teachers.
  • The tests are designed to measure students’ understanding of concepts. 
  • There is no pass or fail! The test simply indicates your child’s level.
  • Get in-depth information about the Key Stage 1 assessments, including what’s covered and how they are marked. 



Key Stage 2 SATs

Fast facts about SATs in KS2

  • Year 6 children sit for their second set of SATs in Key Stage 2.
  • SATs in KS2 are a bit more formal since they are assessed and marked externally.
  • Students will take exams in grammar, punctuation, spelling, mathematical reasoning, reading comprehension, and arithmetic.



How can Explore Learning help?

Whether your child is taking the KS1 or KS2 SATs we are committed to supporting them to
tackle the tests fearlessly.

Every tuition session
is supporting your child towards their SATs

Our maths and English tuition programmes are mapped to the National curriculum, so your child will be practising the topics and skills that they need in each and every session that they spend with us. Regular attendance to the sessions, and to your parents’ meetings, help us tailor the programmes to get the best out of every tuition session. 

Coming to these meetings also means that we can recommend any additional support that you might want, whether that be coming along to a workshop or figuring out the best way to practice at home.

Building your child’s confidence

Our brilliant SATs tutors not only help your child prepare for the SATs exams, but they also ensure that they feel confident and empowered. We make sure that your child is progressing academically, emotionally, and mentally through our engaging and supportive sessions.


SATs resources

In addition to tailored sessions with an English and maths tutor, all of our members preparing for the SATs also receive:

SATs practice test papers and questions

Online learning resources

Practice tests and quizzes

SATs specific workshops

Workshops for children and advice for parents

We have developed ‘Navigator,’ Explore Learning’s very own Members area, which is packed with parent top tips, video lessons, and study guides.

For parents, we run information sessions on the SATs and the school curriculum to help you keep abreast of
any changes.

Get started by speaking to our team to find out how you can begin your journey with Explore!

Beyond the SATs

The SATs are only a stepping stone in your child’s educational journey. One of the biggest challenges your child will face is the transition to secondary school. Explore Learning is here to support your child in every way possible up from primary school all the way to year 9.

Our Succeed in Secondary course aims to make your child’s start in year 7 as successful as possible – developing things like teamwork, presentation and debating skills, and essay writing.

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Try our SATs quiz!

You won’t have to worry about the SATs because our experts have created a range of practice questions for the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 SATs assessments to help families practising at home understand what’s covered. 

Although this quiz isn’t quite the same as how we teach members in our English and maths tuition sessions, it’s a great way for your child to try out some sample questions – why not have a go too? We love a bit of friendly competition!

Our members tell our story

How can parents help with SATs preparation?


  • Practice mental maths

  • Encourage your child to read
    Create a reading culture that inspires and changes their mindset from seeing reading as a chore. Read here how to help children develop a love of books.
  • Focus on problem-solving

  • Encourage your child to work through as many SATs practice papers as possible
    Practice papers will help your child work on their speed, accuracy and exam technique.


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Preparing for the SATs:

How can I support my child with their SATs tests?
There’s so much you can do to help your child excel in the SATs, but you should never feel pressured by the process. You can simply begin by accessing free SATs questions from our online SATs resources, answering questions about maths and English throughout your day, or practising times tables as you play with your child.

What SATs preparation materials does my child need?
We have developed online resources for maths SATs and English SATs that give you access to learning materials, question samples, and practice papers that you can simply download from our members’ area. These preparation materials, along with expert support from our tutors, will provide the support your child needs to prepare for the SATs.

What revision techniques work best?
There’s not a single way to revise for the SATs because every child works differently. What you can do is try different methods, including reading aloud, writing, or listening to lessons, to gauge the technique that works best for your child. After a few tuition sessions with your child, our expert maths and English tutors can also give tips on which techniques would best suit your child’s learning style.

How will schools prepare children for the SATs tests?
Primary schools will typically begin preparation for SATs starting from January. Students will be exposed to multiple revision cycles and practice SATs questions that will gradually increase until Easter. Just before the exams, schools will prepare mock tests for students to be fully prepared and ready to go.

What level should my child be aiming for in the SATs?
The government sets specific expected standards that students should meet to be at the national level in comparison to other students in their age group. The expected standard differs for writing, reading, and maths, but the concept is the same across the different tests. The results will indicate whether students are working below the expected standard, at the expected standard, or above the expected standard. In all cases, the results are simply there to indicate the areas where students can develop and where teachers need to support them.

How far in advance should my child start preparing for the SATs?
Your child has been preparing for the SATs since they started Year 3. Everything they are doing at school leads up to the SATs exams. You can help by supporting them with their homework, reading daily, practising spellings and times tables whenever you can. If there are areas of difficulty that your child encounters during Key Stage 2, then consider Explore Learning tuition as a way to complement and support the work they are doing at school.

We’re here to help

Whether you’re looking for friendly advice, free workshops or maths and English tuition support, we’re here to help your family prepare for their exams with our expert SATs tutors.