At Explore Learning we know that one of the key factors in delivering quality tuition is to develop a strong tutor-student relationship. That’s why we encourage aspiring tutors to really get to know our members so you can understand how they learn and how to be a good tutor and provide the most tailored support to your students.

But how do you get to know so many students? And how do you build a strong tutor-student relationship? We’re here to help you understand how! 

Working as a tutor or tuition centre manager with Explore Learning, we’ll provide you with the tools to: 

  • Tailor your tuition approach

  • Communicate effectively with students

  • Set clear learning goals

  • Foster independent learning

Let’s take a look at each of those so you can understand how to become an effective tutor and build a strong tutor-student relationship…

Tailoring your tuition methods to meet individual needs

We believe the best approach to help students achieve academic success is to tailor your tuition methods. We’ll help you with that tailoring, thanks to our smart learning tool which guides on their tuition journey with us. 

It’s also important to tailor your own approach to tuition. As you get to know each student you’ll understand that every child engages with learning differently, and you’ll start to understand how to personalise their learning experience. 

Here are some key things to keep in mind when you become a tutor to help deliver a standout tuition journey:

  • Understand each student's unique learning style, strengths, and weaknesses.

  • Adapt your teaching methods to accommodate different learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic).

  • Incorporate visual aids, discussions, hands-on activities, or interactive exercises based on the student's learning style.

  • Address children’s weaker skills in a supportive and constructive manner, providing strategies for improvement.

  • Celebrate their efforts, not just results - even if children aren’t always getting the answers right it’s important to recognise that they’re trying.

  • Stay flexible and open to adapting your teaching methods based on individual needs.

  • Foster open communication with students and their parents to receive feedback and make adjustments accordingly.

Effective communication in your tuition approach

Effective communication plays a vital role in building a strong tutor-student relationship, especially when working with children. 

It involves not only conveying information but also actively listening, understanding, and fostering a supportive learning environment. By prioritising effective communication as a tutor you can establish trust, encourage student engagement, and create a collaborative learning experience. 

Here are key strategies to enhance communication in your tuition approach when working with children:

  • Active listening: Practise active listening by giving your full attention to the child. Show genuine interest in their thoughts, concerns, and questions. This helps them feel valued and promotes a sense of trust and understanding.

  • Clear explanations: Ensure that you explain concepts and instructions clearly and in age-appropriate language. Use simple and concise explanations, provide relatable examples, and encourage children to ask questions to clarify their understanding.

  • Two-way dialogue: Encourage open dialogue with children, creating a safe space for them to express their thoughts and ideas. Ask open-ended questions to stimulate their critical thinking and actively engage them in discussions.

  • Non-verbal communication: Be aware of your non-verbal cues, such as body language and facial expressions, as they can greatly impact children's perception. Maintain an approachable demeanour, show enthusiasm, and use positive reinforcement to foster a supportive and encouraging learning atmosphere.

  • Timely and constructive feedback: Provide timely feedback on children's progress, highlighting their achievements and areas for improvement. Use constructive feedback to guide them towards growth and inspire their motivation to learn.

Educational planning: setting clear learning goals as a tutor

At Explore Learning we attempt to set learning goals early when parents and children come in for their trial sessions. This is where our tuition managers will talk to parents about how their child is doing in school, where they feel their child needs to improve and what their child wants out of tuition.

We also understand that as members stay with us their learning goals can change over time as they achieve their initial goals. So as a tutor it’s up to you to help adapt and establish realistic new learning goals.

Here are key considerations for setting clear learning goals as a tutor.

Assess student's current abilities

Begin by assessing the student's current abilities and knowledge level. Identify their strengths, weaknesses, and areas that require improvement. This evaluation serves as a baseline for creating a targeted educational plan. At Explore Learning, this will be set up using our smart learning tool Compass, which will establish a unique learning pathway for the child.

Collaborative goal-setting

Involve students and parents in the goal-setting process to foster a sense of ownership and engagement. Discuss their aspirations, strengths, and areas for improvement, and collaboratively define specific and attainable learning goals.

Specific objectives and progress that can be tracked

Ensure that the learning goals are specific and measurable. Clearly define what students are expected to achieve, whether it's mastering a particular concept, improving problem-solving skills, or enhancing critical thinking abilities.

Realistic targets and timeframes

Set realistic deadlines or milestones to provide students with a timeframe for accomplishing their learning goals. Breaking down large goals into smaller, manageable targets can help students stay motivated and track their progress effectively.

Individualised approach 

Tailor learning goals to each student's unique needs, abilities, and interests. Consider their learning style, pace, and areas of strength to create goals that challenge and inspire them.

Regular progress monitoring

Continuously monitor and evaluate students' progress towards their learning goals. Provide constructive feedback, celebrate achievements, and offer support and guidance when adjustments are needed.

Adjust and modify the plan as needed

Educational planning is a dynamic process. Be open to adjusting and modifying the plan based on the student's progress, changing needs, or unforeseen circumstances. Flexibility ensures that the plan remains relevant and effective.

Celebrate milestones

Recognize and celebrate students' milestones and accomplishments along their learning journey. This not only reinforces their progress but also boosts their confidence and motivation to strive for further success.

Fostering learning independence in our tuition centres and at home

Fostering learning independence is a key aspect of building a strong tutor-student relationship. With Explore Learning students can easily pick up their learning independently at home using our online learning resources. 

As a tutor you should be encouraging this independent learning, so children can continue practising the skills you share in our tuition centres. 

By empowering students to take ownership of their learning, tutors create an environment that promotes self-motivation, critical thinking, and personal growth. 

Here are essential strategies for fostering learning independence in our tuition centres:

Encourage self-directed learning

Guide students towards becoming active learners by encouraging them to take responsibility for their own learning journey. Teach them how to set goals, manage their time effectively, and seek out resources independently.

Provide guidance, not just answers

Instead of providing answers directly, independent learning encourages students to think through problems and find solutions themselves. Offer guidance in-centre or in online tuition sessions, ask probing questions, and provide support as they navigate the learning process independently.

Foster a growth mindset

Instil a growth mindset in students, emphasising that intelligence and abilities can be developed through effort and perseverance. Encourage them to embrace challenges, learn from mistakes, and view setbacks as opportunities for growth.

Promote self-evaluation and reflection

Teach students to assess their own progress and reflect on their learning experiences. Encourage them to identify strengths, areas for improvement, and develop strategies for ongoing self-improvement.

Celebrate achievements and effort

Recognize and celebrate student’s achievements, both big and small. Acknowledge their hard work, effort, and perseverance. Celebrating milestones fosters a sense of accomplishment and motivates students to continue their learning journey.

How Explore Learning can help you develop strong tutor-student relationships

When you become a tutor with Explore Learning or become one of our tuition centre managers, you join a supportive network of education professionals. We’re here to help you be the best tutor you can be, because we really value our members and their education. 

To help you build strong tutor-student relationships we invest in our tuition centre staff. With Explore Learning you’ll receive extensive training to help you get started, and additional training along the way to help you keep on delivering for our members. As a benefit to our tutors, all of our training is covered in your paid working hours because we value your time.

With the consistency of our tutoring hours you’ll be seeing the same students on a regular basis, as well as some new faces along the way. That means you can really get to know every child that we support at Explore Learning. 

You easily monitor members’ progress from the first day they come into our centre or log in to our online tuition platform, and celebrate every win. And thanks to our smart learning tool you won’t need to plan out lessons or mark work, so you can keep focusing on building those strong tutor-student relationships.

If you’re ready to start your career in tuition, take the first step to becoming a tutor or a tuition centre manager, we’re here to support you!

Want to join our team of incredible people?

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Education Investor Awards 2019 WINNER

The Sunday Times 25 Best Big Companies to work for 2019

Glassdoor 2018 Best Places to Work

Target Jobs UK 300 Top Employer 2022/23

Education Investor Awards 2019 WINNER

The Sunday Times 25 Best Big Companies to work for 2019

Glassdoor 2018 Best Places to Work

Target Jobs UK 300 Top Employer 2022/23

Building strong tutor-student relationships FAQs

How can working at a tuition centre benefit my tutoring career?

Working at an Explore Learning tuition centre provides a unique opportunity to enhance your education career. As a tutor, you'll have access to a pool of students seeking academic support and the chance to collaborate with experienced educators. Our tuition centres are vibrant learning environments equipped with everything you need to be an amazing tutor.

What role does educational planning play in tutoring?

Educational planning is a fundamental aspect of our tutoring approach. We believe in setting clear learning goals, developing a tailored learning plan, and monitoring student progress. With our emphasis on educational planning, you'll have the chance to help students achieve their academic objectives, build their confidence, and develop effective study strategies.

Is online tuition an effective option for tutors?

Absolutely! With Explore Learning our online tutors benefit from the same consistency in work hours as our in-centre tutors. Our online tuition sessions enable tutors to use the same online learning tools as our in-centre tutors, allowing you to deliver the same effective, tailored learning program to our online members. 

How do tutors at your tuition centre ensure effective communication with students?

Effective communication is a vital aspect of our tutoring approach. As a tutor, you'll actively listen to students, provide clear explanations, and foster an open and supportive learning environment. Regular feedback and communication channels will allow you to build strong connections with students and guide them towards academic success.

What advantages does your tuition centre offer for tutors compared to other tutoring opportunities?

Explore Learning tuition centres offer many advantages to tutors that choose to work with us. In our tuition centre you’ll always have students seeking academic support, so you won’t need to market your tuition services yourself. With our emphasis on educational planning you can work collaboratively with students and their parents to set clear and realistic learning goals and track progress as you go. You’ll also benefit from our unbeatable support with training provided and our smart learning tool that saves you having to plan lessons and mark work, enabling you to make a real difference in students’ academic progress. 

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