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Tuition as unique as you


Recommended by teachers. Trusted by parents. Loved by kids


Exceptional tutors

Without the need to write questions or plan what content to deliver next, our tutors can focus on the areas that most make a difference to your child:

Explore tutors are energetic, enthusiastic and talented individuals who do everything they can to make your child’s journey a successful one.

Who we work with:


Industry leading tools to meet your child’s needs

Successful and effective learning
starts with two simple questions:

  • What do I already know?
  • What do I need to know next?

Although the questions are easy, the answers are forever changing – your child learns something new every day.

We have developed an adaptive tool that continually assesses what your child knows and presents the skills that they need to know next. No two pathways will be the same. Your child will work at a pace and level that is unique to their needs whilst covering all the material they need for a successful school career.

Our learning tools.


Our promise to you

We will deliver an engaging curriculum with exceptional tutors.
We will share your child’s progress and celebrate their achievements as they develop skills and great learning attitudes.
We will focus on your child’s individual needs.

You may have seen us in:

We are invested in your needs and making your journey a success – not just overcoming today’s challenge but preparing for those that you’ll encounter in the future as well.

Let’s nurture your child’s amazing mind together.

Skills and learning attitudes for life

Feedback is a critical part of learning. You need to know whether you have got something right or wrong to progress.


At Explore, feedback is instantaneous. We celebrate the success and learn from the mistakes.

Not being afraid to make mistakes is vital as we all know that a mistake can result in the most powerful learning. As your child learns and masters new skills we will share their academic successes with you. We are confident that this is not the only change that you will see.

Don’t just take our word for it

We offer a free trial session with no obligation to join, so you and your child can meet the people you’ll be working with, experience the Explore Learning environment and see if it fits with your family.


Explore members develop confidence, a willingness to answer questions, a positive attitude to learning and become resilient in the face of a challenge.
These are all habits that will make a difference to your child’s learning today and throughout their life.

What makes us different?


The recent pandemic created a huge challenge for us as it did for many. Thanks to the sheer tenacity and drive of our great people within a week we had an online solution, a suite of workshops that our tutors delivered nationwide and a host of new communication tools to ensure that all of our members had the best possible support. We live and breathe the notion that there’s no great a challenge we can’t overcome together.
Bill Mills,
CEO and Explore Learning Founder since 2001.


Long term support

We didn’t create Explore Learning to be a quick fix to a short-term problem. Explore Learning tuition is designed to be the best possible complement to a school education.

A tailored approach delivered a couple of hours a week to target the ever-changing skills that your child needs. An experience that will enrich your child in a way that goes beyond simply knowing how to do maths and English and results in a successful, confident, fearless learner.


Together we can tackle the needs of today and be ready for the challenges of tomorrow.