Bringing more joy to reading at home

February 03, 2020

Explore Learning students browse a table of books

Encouraging children to enjoy reading can be tricky for some. However, we know that reading at home is a great way to boost literacy levels at school.

Lewis Cherry from our Education team shares his TOP TIPS on how to get everyone to enjoy reading at home:

  • Allow your child to read things that they’re interested in. Any kind of reading is beneficial, even if it’s a comic book or a cooking recipe!
  • Take time to talk about the book, asking questions about the characters or setting. Find out what they think might happen next.
  • Set aside time from distraction to focus on reading.
  • Make it fun, funny voices always work!
  • Read around your children and ask them to join in.
  • Make books part of your family life and routine.
  • Create a reading area in your home.
  • Visit the library together.
  • Don’t panic if they keep coming back to one or two favourite books. This can help boost confidence and fluency.
  • Use technology to help. You could play phonics games, listen to audiobooks, or read books on a tablet.

If you are looking for ideas for books your child might enjoy, take a look at our recommended reading list for children aged 7-11.

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