Meet Emily West

Part Time Tutor

I am a Tutor at Explore, and I have worked here for 13 months.  I heard about the opportunity through friends who worked here and referred me. The role attracted me because it is much more rewarding than other part time jobs, and it would allow me to hone my teaching techniques which would help me in my possible future career path of becoming a teacher. Before working at Explore Learning, I had work experience at a primary school and customer service experience as a Till Assistant. I’ve had a great journey with Explore Learning – I won Tutor of the Quarter, and within the company there is always an opportunity to progress and be rewarded for hard work. I hope to keep my role as a Tutor throughout university as I really love what I do. My typical day in the centre would be to tutor a zone of up to six children, who all do their individually tailored scheme of work ranging from phonics, reading to maths and writing. I also compere, which means giving verbal feedback to the parents based on their child’s session. The best thing about being an Explore Tutor is that you get to build bonds with the children, and see your hard work pay off when they improve academically. The biggest challenge I have overcome in this role is presenting certificates to the whole centre as I tend to get stage fright but because of the family atmosphere here at Explore, I quickly overcame this. I feel that I am good at my role because I have been chosen as the Creative Writing additional content tutor, which is a passion of mine that I can hopefully pass onto the members. I have developed a wide range of skills as a tutor, such as increased understanding of the National Curriculum, teaching techniques, customer service and teamwork. I would advise new Explore tutors to really make the most of the detailed and quality training sessions that we are provided with as it gives us so many transferrable skills, and also to just embrace the Explore atmosphere, as you’ll love every moment.

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