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In 2001 Explore Learning changed the face of British tuition with the opening of the first dedicated tuition centre.

This was a departure from the realm of the dining room table or community hall that tuition had previously occupied. Twenty years later tuition centres can be seen throughout the country and Explore Learning remains the country’s leading provider.

Explore Tuition centres are vibrant, energetic learning spaces. A club away from school and home where children can hone their maths and English skills with an expert coach by their side.


Centre memberships from £99* / month.  Find your nearest centre.
*Available in selected centres.

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There’s something magical about watching my 5-year-old sit beside children of different ages from different schools. She looks at them with awe and aspiration.

Whilst she works on phonics, they might be working on algebra, yet she feels a part of their world – one day this will be her. In fact, I hope one day she’ll want to be the amazing tutor standing behind them all championing them on.

– Explore parent  

Explore Tuition centres work on the following principles:

We get to know you and make a curriculum to meet your needs

We instil great learning habits

Inspiring tutors develop your skills

We share your progress and celebrate your success throughout the journey


A bespoke curriculum

We ensure that your child is presented with the skills they most need to know when they need to know them.

All the activities are mapped to the UK curricula making every task relevant to your child’s school career.


Supported by brilliant tutors

Selected for their positive attitudes, high energy levels and strong academic careers, Explore tutors are great at nurturing and developing your child’s talents.

They are masters of explaining tricky concepts, celebrating success and building up confidence.

Developing fearless learning habits

Successful learning is not just about the grades – it’s also about the actions – the learning habits that will support your child throughout their life.

We call this fearless learning and at Explore we are proud to develop children who:

Sharing in your journey

All our tutors are trained, nurtured, and supported by expert centre managers.

When you join us you don’t just receive great tuition, you also gain support and advice from expert managers. They are invested in your needs and making your journey a success – not just overcoming today’s challenges but preparing for future ones too.


Centre memberships
from £99*
*Available in selected centres.

Find your nearest centre to discover the membership options available in your area.


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We want you to meet our brilliant people, get stuck in with our learning tools, and find the right solution for you and your child.

During a free trial at Explore Learning we will:

  • Discuss your child’s individual needs
  • Introduce you to our learning tools
  • Give a taste of the Explore tuition experience
  • Answer any of your questions


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