Why choose our maths and English tutors?

We’re very proud of our incredible staff – they’re at the heart of everything we do and they make a big difference to our families and communities.

Our maths and English tutors are individuals who are driven educators and inspiring role models. All our people share a passion for learning and helping children to reach their full potential. Whether you’re looking for academic support, a confidence boost, exam preparation or an environment in which your child can blossom, at Explore Learning we can do just that.


So far we’ve helped over 250,000 children conquer their fears and discover their potential

What skills will my child learn from Explore Learning’s maths and English tutors?

Our approach to English and maths tuition is entirely tailored to the school curriculum, covering both core and applied skills.  Core skills are the foundations which will help your child to feel confident within a subject – for example, knowing their times tables, algebra or phonics. Applied skills take these a step further, applying their knowledge to real life scenarios – tackling practical, reasoning and logic problems logic problems. With both skills being heavily tested in school exams, building your child’s confidence with both is key.

At Explore Learning, we develop children’s core and applied skills, supporting them with everything they’ll tackle at school and setting them up for life!

mATHS CORE skills

  • Subtraction, addition, multiplication & division
  • Decimals, fractions & percentages
  • Geometry, shapes and algebra


  • Phonics & vocabulary building
  • Comprehension, reading and writing skills
  • Grammar and punctuation


  • Word problems & problem solving
  • Money, calendars and telling the time
  • Data handling, probability and reasoning


  • Develop a love of reading
  • Read increasingly challenging materials independently
  • Express ideas verbally and confidently

What to expect

Inspiring tutors

Inspiring tutors

Everyone remembers that person who inspired them; a teacher, a friend, a family member. Someone who changed how they saw things and helped them to see their potential. That’s exactly what our tutors do.

We recruit academic achievers; individuals who are driven educators and inspiring role models. All our people share a passion for learning and helping children to reach their full potential.

A culture of praise and reward

Children who make the most progress are the ones who have fantastic attitudes towards learning. Educational research has shown that praising the thinking process is academically more effective than praising a correct answer.

We use the Fearless FOUR to make those thinking and learning process more visible and engaging for your child. We explain the Fearless FOUR here.


Interactive curriculum

An interactive curriculum

Our curriculum supports every child in achieving their personal learning goals. Our cutting-edge digital tools and traditional paper-based methods strike the perfect balance of interactive and tailored learning.

Our cutting-edge digital tools cater for all learning styles, using music and sound to inspire auditory learners and bring problems to life. Our paper-based tools support all children with tackling problem areas such as practicing neat handwriting or working out long division.

Vibrant environment

A vibrant learning environment

Children learn best when they are engaged and comfortable. Our award-winning centres are lively, vibrant and full of positive energy. A place that encourages peer-to-peer engagement and, most importantly, a place where children want to come.

Our unique setting provides each child with a personal learning space amidst a warm, social, productive environment. That’s why we’re confident that from the moment you step into the centre, you’ll see why we’ve been voted the No.1 Tuition Provider in the UK.

We believe delivering the best standard of education shouldn’t cost the earth.

That’s why we offer our award-winning service at a price that’s accessible for everyone.

Our membership is simple and great value. Childcare vouchers/Tax-Free Childcare, the childcare element of Working Tax Credits and the Childcare Grant for full-time students could enable you to save on your monthly membership*. We also offer a fantastic scholarship scheme which gives a 50% discount to parents receiving Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance. This means anyone can access our award-winning service, because delivering the best standard of education shouldn’t cost the earth. Our members can also take advantage of our ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme, which can reduce their monthly membership to as little as £24 a month – simply by introducing other families to Explore Learning.

To find out our membership prices, find your nearest centre.

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